New guy from the States trying to drift a car straight outta Europe

Thread in 'Drifting Chat / Pictures / Videos' started by Jsachse23, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Hey Guys...

    My name is Jesse and I'm fairly new to the whole forum thing. I've been on Mercedes Forums and on Zilvia, but only scrolling through, never actually having any kind of presence. I drive a W204 (2009) Mercedes C63 AMG, and I've gained a little bit of a following (don't worry I know I'm not famous, nor am I cool) from some Instagram videos that have pissed off the entire internet. Anyone see the AMG drifting in dirt on CarThrottle? Yeah, that was me.

    I've owned two different Schassis cars. One s13 240sx with a SR20 that made all types of power (430 to the wheels) on E85. After that, I bought myself a mostly stock SR20 hatch that I threw around for all of four days before getting bored and letting it go for waaayyyyyy less than I should've.

    Now I'm on to my Mercedes. It is a 2009 C63 with the P30 Package (LSD and cool Alcantara accents on the sides of the steering wheel). Bought it about 6-7 months ago and I've racked up a whopping 20k miles in that short period of time. By far and away the best car that I've EVER owned.

    I know not too many people care about the AMG stuff, so I'll explain why I'm really here. I'm here to read and to learn. I've set a goal for myself to purchase either an R32 Skyline GTS-T sedan or, if I'm so lucky as to find a good one, a Chaser JZX100 before the end of spring this coming year. So in the meantime, I figured I can look around at all of the information that everyone has to offer while planning out my next car.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy hello!

    I cant figure out how to post pictures of the car from my work computer, so here are some links to pictures and drifty videos on my instagram:

    Rolling Burnout:

    The aforementioned drift video that made the world hate me:

    Lapping a traffic circle (In Mexico, of course...) left foot braking behind a friend the entire time:

    Again, thanks for reading!
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    hey man cool post I just joined too.
    I have a r32 auto sedan that im working on swapping to manual.
    I just completely deleted hicas and put it on coils and put in a rb25 turbo in.
    sedans are hard to source parts for. makes them more of a challenge.

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