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Thread in 'Drifting Chat / Pictures / Videos' started by Impressive G, Apr 20, 2007.

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    Apr 19, 2007
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    Hey guys and gals, bit new to the driftin scene. apart from watching it :D

    Havnt got a RWD yet but plan to, currently drive a turbo'd toyota sera.

    Some really nice examples on here so keep up the good work.

    over the next year I hope to get a RWD of some sort. I like old skool motors so it could be anything. Like most I love 86's and Silvias (s13) but I might be starting drifting in something cheap to start off with....

    will keep my eye open for any bargains in the for sale bit on here and might even try to get in conversation with something i dont know about :wack:


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