For Sale Nissan C33 Laurel w/ Manual RB20DET MOT w/ spares

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    1990 Nissan C33 Laurel with manual RB20det

    MOT until 2021

    Owned since 2016, used and serviced regularly the entire time.

    Running gear:
    Rb25 gearbox
    Skyline diff
    ACT 4 paddle sprung clutch
    Skyline halfshafts
    Adjustable camber arms rear
    Driftworks front lower arms
    hardrace caster arms
    Z32/R33 brakes all round with EBC yellow pads and EBC grooved discs
    5 stud hubs
    Z32 master cylinder
    Subframe locking collars
    HSD Monopro coilovers
    Japan racing wheels
    Relocated steering rack
    Rack spacers
    4.3 welded diff
    Front crash bar

    Cometic metal head gasket, new piston rings, gaskets etc fitted 2018
    160-170psi compression on all cylinders
    rb25det turbo @ 0.8bar
    K&N air filter
    Big front mount intercooler
    Mocal oil cooler & thermostatic plate
    Big Alloy skyline radiator
    Twin electric fans

    6 point Cusco cage with padding (still use of rear seats)
    Bride front recliners
    Driftworks hydro handbrake and braided lines
    Skyline r33 cable handbrake
    Full interior and seat belts
    12” Sub woofer, kenwood speakers, USB headunit
    Nardi steering wheel
    NRG removable steering boss

    Extra things to note:
    kakimoto Stainless exhaust
    AEM AFR gauge
    BeeR limiter
    Blitz Boost gauge
    Blitz dual electronic boost controller
    044 Walbro fuel pump
    Braided brake and clutch lines
    Painted original two tone colours in 2018
    electric folding mirrors
    electric/lights/heater etc all work
    Freshly painted bodykit not yet fitted (side skirts, front splitter & roof spoiler)

    Spares Available:
    brand new windscreen from japan
    pair of 17x8.5j Dare RS alloys
    Pair of Enkei RS Evolution 17x9j alloys
    rb20 turbo
    engine spares (injectors, spark plugs, coil packs etc)
    Brand new front wheel bearing/hub
    3.7 welded differential
    any trim that come off to fit roll cage, centre console etc
    spare tail light and blank centre garnish
    NRG wheel hub lock
    Japspeed brand new tie rods
    caster/toe arms
    s13 rear subframe

    Car has been my daily and track/drift car for 4 years and has never let me down. Ive been very thorough with preventative maintenance and servicing.

    I have avoided fitting cheap parts, and have upgraded things to ensure it can handle being driven hard. Anything that wore out or failed has been upgraded rather than just replaced. The car was at almost 400bhp for half my ownership, hence fitting the metal head gasket and skyline half shafts etc. The car handled the power well. I only reverted back to stock engine setup to free up some funds last year.

    This car drives fantastically, has never overheated, and be beaten round a track all day and then driven home. I’ve driven it up to Driftland from Essex as well as 2000 mile trip round the highlands and it never misses a beat.

    I had the car painted in its original colours (back from black) in 2018 to a good standard, it polishes up well. At the time I had a little welding done on one rear arch, and aside from that it seems to have no rust as its been undersealed etc.

    Recently suffered a small impact to the front. I have a crash bar which took the impact well so the chassis hasn’t suffered at all. Ive fitted a spare wing, and replaced the headlight. The only damage remaining is scuffs to the front bumper and a crumple in the corner of the bonnet (this could be repaired and does not effect operation, bonnet pins line up etc. Fibreglass bonnets are also available from japan for reasonable money)

    Car is MOT’d insured, Taxed and used daily. Happy to take people for test drives, can jack it up for viewing etc etc.

    Located near Colchester, Essex

    Price is £8500 with the bodykit, spare windscreen, all the spares and wheels I have for the car etc.

    Happy to negotiate price lower by excluding items such as spare wheels, spare windscreen, steering wheel, BeeR limiter etc etc

    Will consider P/X only with cash my way and it must be RWD and PETROL


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  2. Matty-Westside

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    Sold quick! Wanted this badly but my Damn car hasn’t sold lol

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