Nissan Fairlady Z (350z) White

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    8CBD0885-ABEF-4D85-BD32-624DE8B33CB3. 36EAEA0A-E6E4-45D3-8497-5A69B9835943. 516CF3AD-3B98-444A-95AB-A7BDCF500A0E. 7BD3C9E7-A988-49A4-AE44-BECED1D4AF5C. 8136020C-7D3D-443D-B531-E2F67CF72E8E. 48B5F6C0-A6D8-43F1-AA41-526BCB7A66EF. 6DFF6D71-BDCE-4F7A-AB4B-D9193E649260. C73B9D25-FD0A-49F4-AB93-38C67C212389. DE068966-A0CE-46AD-BCCD-7BF6CC2A98DC. 9B216E77-AA7C-4509-8B53-6BD47B37EDE7. Nissan Fairlady Z import

    Good bits:

    85k mix of miles and km

    MOT til August 2019

    Runs sweet as a nut

    Gearbox is good

    Stainless exhaust system

    Nismo style kit and spoiler

    Brembo brakes

    Rota 18s, rears are 12j .. unsure on front width

    Black leather

    Aftermarket air filter

    Button to turn off traction control (apparently they don’t all have this)

    Bad bits (every car has them) :

    Car was originally silver, has had full respray in Nissan pearl white

    Respray has been done professionally to a good standard, however there are areas on the body kit which need touching up... such as bubbling on spoiler, cracks in front bumper and side skirts etc. Ill let the pics do the talking here.

    Wheels are all curbed and have been rattle canned, one has flat spot on front but not buckled and holds air fine (local specialist could repair for £70)

    Car was a Cat N in the past due to it being broken into, they dented the door below drivers door handle, and pulled the plastic surround off from underneath indicator stalks.. that is all the damage that was done.

    Generally the car is great, sounds beautiful and goes well.

    Would make an excellent drift car, or with a bit of tidying up a lovely street car.

    Price is £4K ovno.
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