Nissan Primera SR20DET Build Help!?

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    Hey guys I just recently purchased a 1998 P11 Primera with a sr20det. It has already had some work done to it and is quite an aggressive car but I am wanting to get some more power out of it. I was told that it’s last tune made over 300hp at 17psi but do not know if this is correct. I am wanting to aim for 350-380hp so would like to know what the best way to achieve this would be and if I will be needing to upgrade other things such as brakes etc or anything vital to making sure it can handle the power. I’m not the smartest with cars so don’t roast me. Here’s the dets for the car and yes I realise some are irrelevant but I just copy and pasted it.


    Certed SR20DET
    Link g1 ecu
    U13 sr20det block
    Fwd 32series LSD gearbox
    Custom made axle
    Custom manifold by NZEFI
    Short shift
    Garrett turbo custom built by turbo care (fully rebuilt)
    38mm external gate plumbed in
    SARD fuel pressure regulator
    Full 3 inch exhaust
    Custom top feed fuel rail
    660cc rx7 injectors
    Oil filter relocation
    RPM performance 1L oil catch can
    Walbro fuel pump
    HKS bov
    Front mount intercooler
    Greddy electronic boost controller
    Greddy turbo timer
    Battery relocated to boot
    HID headlights
    Full Autech body kit + spotlights
    Impul grill
    Super low springs
    18x8 motorismos
    Full te-v interior
    Custom radio surround
    Boost gauges: Oil temp, boost and oil pressure
    Fire extinguisher
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    nice car dude!! Even though it's a proper bluebird DET engine I wouldn't be aiming for over 300bhp unless you want to run into potential reliability issues on the stock block. Next step would be forging/building I'm afraid. Plenty of second hand parts come up on ebay though, hks pistons/ tomei rods etc. as of late.

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