Nissan R33 GTST SPEC 2 for sale!!

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    Nov 14, 2018
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    , i have up for sale my very loved skyline R33.
    SPEC 2!

    I bought this car around a year and half ago, as a project, to which was to be a drift car, but unfortunately, i didnt have the heart to throw such a nice car around like that.

    So it was more use at the weekends, to go to car meets or a trip to bluewater here and there, the car very rarely gets used during the week.

    When i bought the car, it had really bad body work, fuel leak and rocker cover gasket leak.. which is all sorted.

    Ive just finished restoring the outside, so that means, all exteriors body work rust has been cut out and arches welded in, then a full re spray, which was just completed on the 2nd november 2018.
    So its fresh!
    All arches have been professionally welded in and under sealed! *the old arches where ruined and bodged. received_2114400535489611. received_772651989747085. received_2114400535489611. received_772651989747085. received_924280071094749. received_1944815922303672. received_1905068289800756. 20181110_160130. 20181110_160223. 20181110_160223. 20181110_160130.

    Its probably a rare find to see these cars without rust on the body, so now you looking at one!!
    I have pictures of everything, rust, new panels, sand down before spraying, and end spray job.

    Moving on, the MOT runs out next year 25 July 2019, this years MOT, had a advisory for the rear brake lines. These also have been replaced.

    The car has some lovley new wheels, about a month old, japan racing jr5 alloys from driftworks, and all tyres have a great amount of tread on them!
    Holding onto them new wheels, with have 20mm hub centric spacers all round the car, to give the wheels that nice fitment.
    The car also sits on HSD'S coilovers, from driftworks, all fitted and lowered correctly.
    Fitted a gtr spoiler on it, for that more aggressive look.
    So going on, engine is sweet! No knocks or bangs, pulls like a train, and sounds amazing!
    The coilpacks are spitfires, with new plugs.
    Have a selection of silicone hoses around the engine.
    Aftermarket cone filter (apex i believe)
    The car has a walbro 225 fuel pump, which leads into a high pressure fuel filter before entering the injectors.
    The car has a decat on it, if the car gets hot enough, flames will start to appear out of the end of the exhaust, which is every guys dream!

    Large oversize intercooler got put on around 3 months ago, fits snug and looks good. The car is more powerful now.

    New battery after all that snow, the cold killed it..

    Ive had the diff welded, because that was the first thing on my plans, but i never minded driving it like it, also ive put a hi cas delete kit on it from driftworks, so there is no rear steer anymore.
    Struct braces front and rear

    When i bought the car, i spent a lot of money having the cam belt, aux belts, and tensioners changed, also a new cam angle sensor was fitted by abby motorsport.
    I have receipts to prove this.
    Oil and oil filter, i usually did the change, its real easy, and i did it every 3 months, or every 3000 miles, which ever came first.

    Ive put a 7" pionner din sceen in and new door speakers, its not a great sound system, but i didnt mind, as i used to love listening to the cars sound.
    Genuine skyline mats inside the car, backs and fronts.

    Some little bad points, no old car is perfect...
    So the rev gauge, plays up sometimes and bounces all over the place, i did fix it once, but it requires to be soldered on the curcuit board behind it.
    There is a patch repair on the drivers side seat, previous owner did this, it never bothered me.
    Window washers dont work..

    The car is a import, i have all the paperwork such as import certificate etc. (Will only go up in value)
    I have all the receipts for the works carried out whist in my ownership.
    And loads more paperwork by previous owners.

    Milage is in KILOMETRES! So at the moment, its 95,723 miles on the clock.
    This will go up a small amount whist the car is for sale..
    Low milage!!

    The reason for me selling it, ive always wanted a skyline, and now ive had one, and done it up, ive just lost a bit of interest in it.. im looking into a bmw 335i now.. swap ;)

    Im in no hurry to sell this, so please dont offer me silly offers.
    I will not be swapping for a ford or anything.
    Ive put a lot of love and money into this car, and just would like to see it go to someone who will look after it.

    Serious buyers only please.
    £7,500.00 ono.
    sold as seen.

    Cars located in medway, kent
    Thank you.
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    Dec 4, 2013
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    beautiful looking car will be looking for my next project march time and this is a perfect starting base
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    Mar 14, 2019
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    This still for sale?

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