Nissan S13 180SX, SR20DET 380ch (1996) RHD (JDM)

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    After 6 years of service it is time for me to change my project, so I have to put my S13 up for sale. The car is ready to race for the 2022 season, it meets the standard of the various championships in France, Germany, etc… (except KOE). Engine rebuild in 2018 by W-Autorsport, internal forged, 380hp (see attached).
    Since the rebuild oil change has always been with Motul 300V after each training / competition weekend. After 6 years of learning, the car is now very reliable, no need for mechanics over the last 4 weekends of use.
    The car is still in UK papers (V5), it's a real 180SX imported from Japan which passed through Northern Ireland few years. Basically it's a "Kouki" produced in 1996, so the very last RPS13 produced. I can give with the car a set of spare parts, to be defined with the buyer. The same goes for the choice of rims; JR, SSR, Work, Rays ... to be defined with the buyer's budget. For handling the car I can provide assistance during the first trackday, there is a lot to know for its use. Bonus, registration for Crepery Factory Party 5 offered
    Note that the car before 2019 was blue with a PS13 (SIL80) front face. It should also be noted that the left rear wing is depressed following too much contact with another car on the track (see photo). The rest of the kit is in good condition, some signs of use anyway on the right to the left (fiber kit).
    The price includes 10 Japan Racing JR-29 (4 front and 6 rear), with tires in good condition on these 10 rims, all oils and filters for basic maintenance. Basically everything you need to approach the 1st trackday surely.
    Parts list :
    • Fresh 1996 rust free body (non sunroof), always garaged.
    • Origin Labo bodykit (2019)
    • Crepery Factory livery (2020)
    • Origin Labo Racing Line Front Bumper
    • Origin Labo +55mm Front Fender
    • Origin Labo +55mm Reat Fender
    • Origin Labo Racing Line Sideskirts
    • Origin Labo Racing Line Rear Bumper
    • Origin Labo Type 2 Bonnet + Aerocatch
    • Origin Labo V2 Roof Spoiler
    • URAS spoiler
    • Front brake strip (led)
    • Crystal Rear Lights
    • Internal and External safety pull cable
    • Custom made front bumper bar
    • Front and rear tow straps
    • Hi-quality professional full weld in cage by BMC engineering, gusseted to pillars, door bars, rear X – IDC logged / FFSA logged
    • Loom/wires tucked away and protected from wheels/heat etc
    • Interior, sound-proofing etc removed and painted pink
    • Sparco EVO II / Bride bucket seats
    • Normal handbrake still in situ and working with fly-off drift button
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Custom made control panel in dash with carbon effect over aluminum housing clocks – oil/water temp, boost, air/fuel ratio, oil pressure
    • Heater/oil cooler fan/fuel pump on switch in centre console
    • Deep dish suede wheel
    • Battery relocated behind passenger seat
    • Rear strut braces
    • Extra chassis/body bracing
    Engine :
    • Black top straight cam SR20DET
    • Silver engine bay, painted 2018
    • Engine rebuild by W-Autosport (2018), Eagle rods, CP pistons, Nismo bearings…
    • Rocker Arm Stoppers
    • Cometic head gasket
    • 740 nismo injectors
    • Uprated cams
    • BC springs
    • Garrett 2871 with braided lines
    • Walbro 255 last season – all hard wired
    • Z32 MAF
    • HKS induction kit
    • Japspeed manifold
    • DriftShop 2.5’’ Elbow, 3’’ Downpipe
    • Japspeed FMIC
    • Mishimoto aluminum radiator (+ 2 FAN)
    • Aluminum oil catch can
    • Aluminum water catch can
    • High Capacity Baffled Oil Pan
    • Relocated oil filter and 19 row oil cooler with fan on switch.
    • Greddy electronic profec B spec II boost controller.
    • NISTUNE by W-Autosport (Magny Cours auto racing), 380bhp, see attached
    • Polo conversion plate SR20 / RB25
    • RB 25 gearbox
    • Exedy Hyper Single
    • Kaaz LSD 2 way – 4.1 ratio
    Suspension :
    • Adj tension rods
    • Japspeed tie rods and ends
    • R33 lower arms
    • Chris B knuckles and rack moved forward for extra lock
    • Fully polybushed – all arms, rack etc, DW solid aluminum bush on steering column
    • Rear adj Driftworks toe/traction and japspeed camber arms
    • Subframe solid mounted
    • BC coilovers – fully adjustable height/damping/camber
    • Front – 6 pot ENDLESS BRAKES – grooved discs
    • Rear - EBC grooved and pitted discs with Project Mu HC800 pads

    The car is currently in France, can be delivered across Europe

    PRICE 18600 £ / 22000€

    DSC09045. IMG_5094.JPG 51614312067_d3495d62d5_o.






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    hi could i get contact details as am interested in your car....thanks

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