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    The build started around 5 years ago at SB motorsport taking the chassis back to bare metal before being primered / seam sealed / raptor undersealed tinted in porsche miami blue and then cavity wax oiled.

    Complete Custom Rollcage / Front bash bar / Rear boot build fabricated by Ian waddington

    Then it made the trip over in an inclosed trailer to Quinns Motorsport to be assembled.

    The car has covered approximately 3,000 miles since rebuild / restoration every nut and bolt either new from nissan or has been zinc plated by sr auto bodies. Everything has been replaced even down to a new genuine wiper mechanism

    The whole build has been documented throughout including invoices for works carried out and purchases. below is the complete spec

    Pictures of the build will be given to the new owner on a drop box for them to store and keep.


    Quinns Motorsport inhouse custom built interior / chassis loom
    Summit technologies Talon
    Race technology Dash2
    JT innovation Toucan Display
    Aem Air/Fuel Wideband Gauge
    NRG Shorthub
    B-G Racing Quick Release
    ASD Hydro handbrake
    Likewise gearknob
    Odyssey Race Battery
    Cobra evolution x2
    Bride seatrail x2
    DND carbon and suade steering wheel
    Carbon passenger kick plate
    Carbon 5L Air Tank
    Carbon fuel sender cover
    Custom metal rear door cards
    Custom rear metal parcel shelf
    OMP Black Edition Fire Extinguisher
    Genuine Black Takata harnesses x2
    DemonTweeks lightweight heater


    Voodoo13 Rear Traction arms
    Voodoo13 Rear Upper Camber arms
    Voodoo13 Rear Toe arms
    Voodoo13 Solid diff & subframe mounts
    Driftworks Rear lower control arms
    Driftworks Rear Geomaster 3 Dropknuckles
    SlideMotorsport Custom Front subframe & tension brackets
    Hardrace 22mm rear adjustable anti roll bar
    Whiteline Swaybar link kit
    GKTECH Rear V2 Reinforcement Subframe Plates custom fabricated by turn 12 fabrication then acid dipped shot blasted and powder coated
    Steering rack rebuilt and custom braided AN4 fluid lines supplied by think automotive
    Braided brake lines from reservoir to front calipers right through to the rear duel caliper set up
    Skyline R33 GTST Diff 4.1 with brand new seals & pinion built by richards racing
    GKTECH Complete Lock kit
    Genuine Propshaft-Diff bolts
    Genuine Driveshaft bolts
    Stripped down and rebuilt both driveshafts
    Srautobodies Complete Rear Subframe bolt kit
    D2 8pot Bigbrake Kit 330mm disc
    Twin Skyline R33 Rear Calipers Rebuilt with new seals & pistons


    Origin Labo Racingline Front Bumper
    Origin Labo Racingline Sideskirts
    Origin Labo Racingline Rear Bumper
    Dmax Headlights Custom Black Inners
    Ultra virtual HID Kit 8k
    Fibreglass Bootlid/ Pitking QuickRelease X4
    Fibreglass Front Fenders & Rear Overfenders
    Shota rock Custom led sidelights & bumper lights
    PPF Bonnet / Front Bumper / Headlights by y2 customs
    10 x18 front
    12 x 18 rear

    The gearbox has just come back from Garage-D with new carbon 5th & 6th synchros and a complete health check confirming late 350z gearbox also now has ecu master


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