Nissan Silvia S14a Kouki Auto SR20DE FOR SALE

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by shilpabhavini, Apr 25, 2016.

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    [TD]I know people say this often but I really am RELUCTANTLY selling my Nissan Silvia S14a. I imported this car from Japan and have had literally NO issues with it.

    However, since having the car I have moved and my commute has become too expensive for me to maintain.

    As I also only ever use this car for travelling to work and tend not to use it any other time, I'm hoping someone out there will appreciate this car needs to be driven and really enjoyed!!

    The chassis is clean, not made any mods to it and as far as I can tell the previous owner drove it like I do - as a daily!

    Mileage is in km and is 118622km - roughly converted as about 74k miles.

    Imported (landed June 2014 but registered July 2014)
    Electric Windows and side mirrors
    Japanese full working oem stereo with aux output and cd interchanger
    Heating Central locking
    £3800 no offers - quick sale wanted hence price drop, but not able to let it go for lower.
    Serviced March 2016
    Rev counter dial is temperamental but intermittently
    Original OEM wheels
    No modifications to the body or engine
    Please private message to view

    Can be viewed in Birmingham city centre by request - please no time wasters, having to sell this car is hard enough!

    For more info and to contact view here:

    Thanks for viewing :)
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    Bump - price dropped.
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    i think the price is a little high even though its a tidy car, i payed that same £3800 for my identical black turbo manual kouki landed from japan with some goodies. But glws its a really nice car :)

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