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    It is with a heavy heart that I may have to sell my Nissan Silvia S15 in the coming months to be boring and grown up to get onto the property ladder 1f62d. So here is a rough advert which I’ll continue to add to whilst I gather more pictures, spec and other info that you guys might want to know.

    I originally bought the car in 2018 with the intention to improve a couple of bits and sell on for a small profit HOWEVER after taking one drive (my first drive of an S Body), I was instantly sold, fell in love with the car and decided to keep it as I didn’t want to mis out on something that was so much fun. From then on my intention was to make the car comfortable and reliable enough to endure a long road trip to do the NC500, handle well enough to keep up with something like a BMW M2 on the track and set up well enough to be capable of some really fun drifting with big angles trying not to compromise on the comfort and handling.

    3 years later and I’m pretty much there with all of the above and I was getting ready to have the underside protected before the UK weather does its thing and then have the body painted to get rid of the remaining flaws. The underside was immaculate when I bought her in 2018 and is still very clean now (I’ll get some pics when it’s on the ramp next week). I’ve spent over £12k on maintenance, parts, upgrades and labour over those 3 years meaning that everything that has been needed, has already been done and I’d be very confident to do the NC500, hit up Silverstone on the way back and then head home in the very same car. In fact that was my plan for later this year.

    Just as I’m saving up to give her the last bit of work that she deserves (paint and underseal), I’m having to make the tough decision about whether I keep this car and rent my current place for a little longer, move back in with family or buy a house and unfortunately the head tells me that buying a house is a better investment than keeping my Silvia but my heart tells me that I love owning and driving this car so much that I should move back in with family for a while, finish the car, enjoy the track day that I’ve already paid for and sell up later down the line while hoping that the continue to go up in value until they can be exported to the US.

    Anyway, enough of my boring life story and onto the details of the car:

    History & Spec;

    1999 Nissan Silvia S15
    Originally Spec-S auto – Converted in Japan to S15 SR20DET with 6 Speed gearbox.
    Imported to the UK in 2018 – I am the only UK owner
    Mileage – Approx. 83,000KM on the clocks but I’ve no idea if that’s correct.
    I have an entire folder full of receipts, servicing etc.

    All genuine OEM Aero (Skirts, Spoiler & Spats) + front fog lights
    Nismo smoked side repeaters
    DMAX tail lights with LED brake & side lights

    Wheels & Tyres;
    Work Emotion XD9 8j et35 & 9j et38
    Work centre caps
    20mm & 30mm hub centric spacers
    Zeknova SuperSport RS 225 40 r18 & 235 40 r18 with less than 500 miles on them

    Chassis & Suspension:
    Driftworks CS2 coilovers (less than 1 year old, less than 1,000 miles of use)
    Driftworks Kinked tension rods (less than 1 year old, less than 1,000 miles of use)
    Driftworks GeoMaster 2 front knuckles (less than 2 years old, less than 3,000 miles of use)
    Front lower control arms extended by 20mm
    Steering rack relocated
    HardRace rear camber arms
    HardRace rear toe arms (less than 1 year old, less than 1,000 miles of use)
    Cusco strut tower brace
    StrongFlex poly bushes – Rear subframe bushes, rear ARB & drop link bushes, front ARB & drop link bushes (less than 1 year old, less than 1,000 miles of use)
    Other new parts fitted less than 12 months / 1,000 miles ago – Front ARB drop links, track rods, front wheel bearings, rear lower arms ball joints.

    K Sport 330mm two piece disks with K Sport 8 pot front calipers
    Hell Braided brake lines
    New hard pipes from lines to calipers & Dot 4 fluid
    ABS removed

    HKS induction kit
    HKS Adjustable actuator (currently set to 14psi)
    HPI Racing intercooler, hard pipes and silicone hoses
    Nistune ECU board tuned to a safe, reliable and conservative 290bhp with printout
    Downpipe to custom backbox
    Full size BOSCH battery relocated to boot

    6 Speed gearbox (I assume OEM but I was told Nismo when I bought it)
    Driftworks lightweight flywheel
    Exeddy 3 puck clutch
    2 Way LSD (I was told Cusco when I bought it but haven’t confirmed it myself) seems like a high ratio as you can cruising at 30mph in 6th gear without any issue and it runs out of revs at around 150mph (you’d be hitting the rev limiter)
    New Gearbox output and all diff seals fitted last year

    Apexi boost gauge
    Full width speedway mirror
    Full OEM interior, grey with perforations and orange / red detail all in wonderful condition.
    OEM floor mats
    Nismo gear knob
    Fire Extinguisher ready to be fitted somewhere.

    Bad bits;
    The roof lacquer has failed in Japan and needs painting along with a few other light scratches.
    Slight VVT rattle when the throttle is first applied from cold.
    A bit of a scrape under the front bumper.
    The OSF tyre caught on the arch last year so the edge of the arch isn’t as straight as it could be.
    Headlights could do with a polish but I'll probably get around to this before selling.

    Spare parts:
    OEM front knuckles, front track rods and ends, Driftworks GeoMaster offset rack spacers, OEM rear camber and toe arms, spare rear light unit. I do have a pair of Corbeau fixed back bucket seats that haven’t been fitted which could be bought for extra and a pair of brand new 225 40 r18 Zeknova SuperSports too.

    Located in High Wycombe
    Price: £18,500 or best offer

    The number plate won’t be coming with the car unless someone wants to offer over the asking price.

    More pictures will follow when I have an opportunity to get it cleaned and show you the full car. There’s probably plenty of other bit’s that I’ve forgotten but feel free to ask if there’s anything you’d like to know. 20210725_120753. 20210726_173441. 20210722_183642. 20201107_161529. 20201107_161559. 20201107_133403. 20210411_170355.
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    Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire
    More pics on my Insta if anyone want's to take a look: @TheOfficialCarGuy
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    Is this still available? Very interested!
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    Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire

    Hey man,

    It is still available, I've not taken any viewings yet as the reason I'm selling is to buy a flat and wanted to get the mortgage accepted before selling my pride and joy. Thats all been done now, I just need to get her MOT'd and valeted.

    I have a chap who's offered me £18,550 who's coming to see it as soon as it's ready and 9 others who have said they want to come and have a look but if he doesn't take it there and then, then you're welcome to come and see it next

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