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    Hello folks,

    I heard this is a good website to try and offer my Skyline I am currently selling. I am relocating to Japan and it does not make much sense to send it there.

    Anyway this is my project car I have been working on for the past 2 years. The Skyline is an import, used to have a VQ35DE engine and a unusual 8 speed CVT. That engine started to burn oil and I got bored during covid so hence the swap.

    - VK45DE imported from Japan (around 40k-ish km) produces roughly 330HP and 330lb-ft
    - RE5R05A came with the engine, I kept it since the Skyline was already automatic and manual driving did not make much sense to me, but I am aware a manual would sell much easier. Has paddle shifters on the steering column.
    - ECU and TCU are stock and are wired into the original cars loom so that ABS/traction control work, basically it is wired as if it came from factory with a V8. Also NATS was kept and functions as should.
    -The CVT had a higher geared differential 3.692 which was kept
    - Koyorad aluminium radiator
    - Setrab transmission cooler
    - Custom 4-1 long runner headers, heat wrapped
    - Factory CAT's (yes it passes MOT)
    - 2x2.5" stainless steel exhaust with a H pipe, two extra o2 bungs for wideband sensors future use
    - Nismo S Tune suspension
    - Nismo suspension bushes
    - Proram cone air filter 83mm diameter
    - Standard EBC brakes and pads, Hel braided brake lines

    The whole goal of this build was to have a nice fast daily driver, invested over £5k in engine, transmission and parts. Have receipts and list of parts.

    Car itself has done 127k miles. When driving sensibly it does about 24mpg. The engine is changed in the V5C. MOT until January but I can do a fresh new one if needed.
    I do plan to have a dyno result but for the time being Nissan Data Scan software measured 0-60mph in 4 seconds so it's not a slow car. Weighs 1450kg with the V8 and the weight distribution is 53/47.

    Personally it's a nice daily if you don't mind the fuel consumption but it may be a good project drift car once a manual is fitted.

    Bad bits:
    - Bodywork has dings, bumps and scratches so no show car
    - Interior is okay but some plastics are broken and front seats are missing plastic trim
    - TCU reports conflict for speed measured by the car and transmission (because the differential is different from the donor car)
    - Slight leak from the power steering rack near the gaiters
    - Transmission sump has slight seepage although I have replaced the gasket with an OEM gasket and did not help much, might have to use liquid gasket.
    - Tyres will need changing soon

    I would like to get £6,500 for it but I am open to offers, I know this is a tough one to sell.
    Please message me to get in touch.

    20230707_185441. 20230707_185548.








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