For Sale Nissan Stagea R34 Conversion RSFOUR S Manual AWD Skyline Estate RB25DET 317BHP

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    Nissan Stagea RSFOUR S Winter Pack Factory Manual AWD R34 Frontend Conversion Skyline Estate RB25DET Turbo at 317 BHP - with Cruise Control and tow bar!

    This is my reluctant sale of the Stagea that I imported myself from Japan in early 2016. It's been kept garaged. I've loved this car and done all the modifications myself. It has been serviced regularly, and excessively. It was imported stock (other than aftermarket stereo). It's been my daily as well as being my track car. It's put many a race prepped cars to shame on the track. The car handles superbly, and has the power to put most cars in the rear view mirror, especially in AWD mode.

    My plan was always to put an R34 front end on this car, and wrap it or paint with Plasti Dip. The R34 conversion is now done, however, the birth of our second child this year, has meant the car has to go and something "sensible" must be purchased.

    All the major modifications have been done on this car that enable it to be a proper track car with the coil-overs dialled in to fully stiff, then with all the creature comforts that mean it is equally happy being used as a daily when dialled back to fully soft. The tuning and mapping was done at Horsham Developments. Below is the modification list:

    Just needs a bit of finishing on the body work to make this an epic R34 estate weapon.

    - 98k miles on the clock
    - Nistune Piggyback programmable ECU
    - Gizzmo MS-IBC V3 boost controller - Gauge is hidden in the glove box
    - Remap tuned to 317 BHP
    - BLITZ cone type air filter
    - Front Mount Intercooler (stealth, not able to see this and it fits nicely behind the standard bumper)
    - Stainless Decat Pipe
    - Stainless Turbo Elbow and downpipe
    - Full straight through Stainless exhaust system (cat and additional silencer pipes will be included in the sale to get it through MOTs)
    - NEW Nissan CAM angle sensor in 2017
    - New Timing belt changed October 2016 date (inc new tensioner) fitted by Horsham Developments
    - Engine oil regularly changed- Castrol EDGE Titanium FST 5W-40 only with K & N oil filters
    - SARD BOV blow off valve
    - New 255 Walbro Fuel Pump
    - Turbo Timer via Viper Alarm
    - Remote engine start via Viper Alarm
    - Remote heating and demisting via Viper Alarm

    **In Car**
    - Original GTR Gear Knob
    - r32 rear strut bar - This will fit the rear struts on the stagea, but needs cutting and lengthening (this will need doing, I haven't got round to it)
    - Android Double Din head unit with touch screen, DAB, DVD Mp3, SD card, USB in, GPS unit and Reversing camera- also has steering column mounted control module
    - Speedo and digital ODO reads in KM
    - Cruise control inc stalk on steering column AP500 + CM35 - Only Stagea I know of that has cruise control. Two pre-set cruise settings as well as standard set/slow down/speed up features
    - Advanced Viper alarm system with notification on the fob of any issues since you left the car (e.g. nudge or door test etc) - English instructions PDF included
    - Climate control with AC (AC working well when last used summer 2020)
    - Rare pop out cup holders
    - Winter pack - Heated folding wingmirrors, windscreen wipers etc






















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    - 4 wheel alignment done at FCM Bristol (with print out)
    - ATTESA AWD giving phenomenal grip on road and track - but can be switched to RWD mode by unplugging one plug and pressing the break 5 times before start up
    - Front Aftermarket adjustable CASTER tension Rods
    - 350z Brembo front brakes and brake discs (massive improvement!)
    - EBC Yellow Stuff pads all round (changed September 2020)
    - Front CASTER tension Rods (supplied but not yet fitted, still standard caster arms on there)
    - Rear adjustable camber arms
    - Front adjustable camber arms
    - BC Racing Coil Overs all round (height, preload and damping adjustable)
    - Competition Clutch Stage 2 inc lightened fly wheel + Rubber boot for gearbox +ARP flywheel bolts - fitted by Horsham Developments
    - HICAS has been disabled (in Japan before I got it)

    - Full 3" fully custom exhaust pipe- with three extra sections making almost two full exhaust systems including a decat section. This allows for everything from a fully straight through setup to a twin silencer setup with CAT for MOT. The centre resonator box has got a crease in it but doesn't affect functionality

    - R34 Conversion - R34 headlights, bonnet, bumper, wings slam panel etc
    - Gold Japan Racing JR5 Alloys on bolt on spacers
    - Arches rolled with arch roller - some paint peel where rolled on rear as seen in picture
    - Towbar! - genuine Walting Engineering tow bar with full electrics
    - Full set of spare R33 GTR alloys and tyres included if car sells for asking - useful for trackday tyres/winter tyres

    - Full English Owners Handbook (VERY RARE!)
    - Undersealed by local garage so condition underneath is very good for its age
    - V5 and all import documents present

    **Good bits**
    - All major mods done (see above)
    - MOT until February 2022
    - Only one UK owner (me) so full UK history
    - Tones of UK paperwork including Japanese history
    - Excellent mechanical condition
    - Oil and fluids regularly changed and always changed before and after each track day. Last changed January 2021
    - Gear oil, diff oil, transfer case oil all changed in January 2021

    **Not So Good Bits (I'm listing everything I know of)**
    - Wing mirrors automatic folding mechanism is a bit lazy and they don't always fully open or fully close
    - Slight rust under side mirrors (most stageas get this)
    - Body work has a scrape all down passengers side , it came from Japan like that, never bothered me as its been painted and I always intended to change the front end to R34 and then have it wrapped
    - R34 panels are a slightly different shade to the original paint work - it was always my intention to wrap it in Bayside Blue so this wasn't an issue for me
    - Front and rear bumpers have a few dings (again see above point)
    - Some rust on the front turrets (very common with Stageas)
    - Tyres are low on tread but I can supply 4 new 225/45 R17 91W Falken ZIEX ZE 914B if the car sells for asking price
    - Bonnet is a modified R34 GTT and has a few marks and bumps from where it was modified, ideally could do with a fibreglass GTR bonnet (available on Ebay)
    - Paint work is not great, could really do with a wrap/re spray
    - ABS light on but will supply complete spare ABS pump and electrics (I will try find time to fit this prior to sale)
    - Car was stolen recovered - from me- (battery was flat so the Viper alarm didn't work!) - so there is some damage around the driver's door handle where they forced it. Everything else has been fixed up such as new steering column and ignition.
    - Interior is generally good but there are a couple of small cigarette marks and some scrapes on the door cards (see pictures)
    - Head unit is touch screen but the bottom portion of the screen doesn't respond to touch. Never bothered me as I mainly use it for Bluetooth and all functions work on

    No part ex or swaps. Cash only. Test drives will be carried out by myself unless payment received in full

    Private sale, sold as seen no warranty given or implied

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    Will message you
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    **Open to offers**


    • ABS issue resolved thanks to Lichfield Motors for their help - was a rear ABS sensor
    • New touchscreen Bluetooth head-unit installed
    • Brand new Falken ZIEX ZE tyres all round
    • Fresh MOT
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