For Sale Non Rolling s14/s14a shell plus some nice extra parts - £750

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    To start with this is a drift shell, has seen quite a lot of use and the rear quarters have been hit a few times. This is not a clean show car shell! However it does come with some good bits:

    It comes exactly as pictured - not rolling - will need a high ab truck or bring a mate and a trailer 4 of us can lift it on a trailer.

    Ideally it wants putting on a chassis spit then welding up before fitting anything to it. The boot floor has been cut out but I would probably cut the rear end off and tube frame it if you were going to use it competitively. It needs welding in the front arches, both rear sills and subframe pockets. The normal area's they go.

    Included with it are what's pictured but basically:

    Bare shell with doors, bonnet, front and rear s14a bumpers, I should be able to sort another s14a wing so then both front wings are there.
    Previously fitted with a cage before so has the plates welded in with holes drilled.
    Decent rear bulkhead welded in plus a hydro mount on the gearbox tunnel.
    Front end has been cut back and started to be tube framed.
    Doors still have window motors in but otherwise stripped
    Fibreglass boot and poly rear quarter windows with ducting as the car used to run rear rad. Rear arches have been tubbed and rear over fenders that probably want repairing before re-fitting properly
    Front and rear subframes
    Fuel tank
    Some stock arms - front tension and rear toe/camber arms
    Touring side skirts x2 pairs
    Brake master cylinder
    S14a front and rear bumpers
    Engine and gearbox mounts for sr

    I have the v5, chassis plate and number plates. It could be put on the road if wanted!

    I have quite a lot of extra little bits like rear discs and pads, rear knuckles etc but anyone serious can message me for more details.

    If it doesn't sell complete I will split it down completely over the next couple weeks as I need the room on my drive. If your interested in anything give me a message as I suspect I will have to break it.

    Any questions send me a message, located newton abbot down in Devon.


    Cheers Dan

    43837517275_1a2afa2a27_b. IMG_20180901_140953 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

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    150£ cash no hassle
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    Sold now and for very near asking price lol

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