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    I bought a soarer tt not long ago.
    N reg 1995 model.
    Everything was going great. Lots of power and boost creating lots of smoke from the tyres when I wanted etc ;)
    Then after some playing around the next day I went out and no boost.
    Car drives ok but obviously seriously slow. But can get it over national speed limit.
    Been looked at as much as I can and found

    Actuators hold vacuum, no noise from turbo, no boost leaks, no plumes of smoke.
    Car can't break traction and feels like when setting off its in "snow" mode.
    Turning traction control off makes no difference either.
    Mechanic doesn't think it's mechanical but maybe electrical??
    Don't have much time at the moment as busy working away every other week etc but hoping somebody may know??
    Thanks in advance.

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