Not sure if timing is off... I know...

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by Ramon, Jul 8, 2018.

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    Installing temp sensor on my 96 mx5 I cracked the thermostat housing.. In order to pull it out i had to take off the cam gears.

    Done it before so no big deal.. I know how to time it correctly. Only this time I was lazy and didn't take off everything thats blocks the crank part of the belt. So putting it back together I was hoping the crank position would have been where I left it before taking off the belt. I know for sure (dohc) the camshafts are timed perfectly compared to eachother.

    However, when running the car down the street it sounds a lil weird when I let the rpms drop below idle. Also seems to sound a little more raspy at high rpm. Overall the car maaaay be a little slower.. It's slow anyway so I can't really tell.

    So I thought the belt gear on the crank may be off one tooth. But I'm really not sure because.. It drives quite well. Like I can easily drive this an hour to work and back. But not sure if I can damage it by running it with slightly delayed valve timing.. (if it's even delayed)

    I'll prolly redo the timing properly but that won't be before next weekend. Drive it or no? :) Any other imput will also be appreciated!

    Thnx, later
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    i believe you have the timing marks on the crank pulley and the lower timing cover which you can compare it to to make sure it is lined up.

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