NRG SRK-100H short boss fit a pajero mk1?

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    Oct 12, 2019
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    well folks I’m looking to fit a nardi to my 1989 Mitsubishi pajero mk1 along with a nrg quick release now there is plenty of bosses for sale out there the quality is a bit iffy with most of them and with fitting a quick release will bring the steering wheel out way to far now it doesn’t state that this NRG short boss SRK-100H fits pre 91 pajero’s but it does say it fits all Mitsubishi pickups along with starions I don’t mind doing minor modifications if needed! I can’t find any information online if anyone has tried to fit this boss or not and I’m tempted to buy it and try it! if it does not fit however will I be able to return it? So long story short has anyone tried fitting this boss to a mk1 Mitsubishi pajero 1982-1991
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    Hi Mate!

    With zero knowledge of the Pajero's and after a google i cant see any confirmation, but as will all things anything can be made to fit.

    You would be able to return it as long as you dont damage the product, you would just have to pay the return shipping.

    Good luck!

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