For Sale Panasport G7 C8R 15x7 ET28 4x100

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    Here I have for sale a genuine Japan-made Panasport G7-C8R wheel set (4 wheels). Their specs are as follows 15 inches in diameter, 7 inches in width 4x100 stud pattern, center hole 54mm and offset of 28 (measured). They are three peace design and it seems they have been split and painted sometime in their life (but could do with a fresh refurbishement as the lips are corroded in places and there are some paint chips on their faces). There are no visible flat spots, welds or other serious repairs on them. Two original center caps are present and all valve stems. All in all a decent, rare and fair condition wheels for grabs. I will thoroughly pack them and ship anywhere in Europe.


    3D8A2405.JPG 3D8A2410.JPG 3D8A2411.JPG 3D8A2412.JPG 3D8A2413.JPG 3D8A2418.JPG 3D8A2421.JPG 3D8A2425.JPG 3D8A2427.JPG

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