For Sale (PIC HEAVY+VIDS) Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T Forged RB20DET, Pon Cams, Hyrbrid Turbo, 2 way diff etc

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    This has been/is my dream car, so not to worried if I don’t get the price I want. It’s also been the most reliable car I’ve ever owned having been very well maintained by Abbey Motorsports during the previous owner’s custody of the car that is also where the engine build took place at 72,154 miles in July 2014 and extensive rust repairs took place (all invoices to prove)

    Front and rear sills were replaced during this visit too along with lots of other little niggles. The engine build and rust repair along with other miscellaneous bits comes out at about 13k in total.

    With a folder full of invoices, well into the £20-30k+ area, I vowed to keep the previous owners impeccable high maintenance record and have my own invoices upwards of £6000 pounds in my ownership for parts and work done- This car gets everything sorted as soon as issues arise- I challenge you to find me another GTS-T in the UK with a history file like this and invite you to sit down and have a good read through if you’re a serious buyer

    In my ownership, it has been maintained by Simpson Parker Racing to the same high standards of the previous owner. You may know the owner of Simpson Parker Racing as “Rusty Slider” from his Retro Drift Challenge/Ford Pop exploits

    The car is an absolute blast to drive, first question I always get after saying I own a Skyline is how does it drive? I always liken it to a big MX5 with a lot more power and turbo lag- with a tight gearbox that has a lovely change and zippy steering full of feedback- I can’ think of a higher compliment/another immediate comparison

    Being the 20DET,it is quite laggy, but when its on boost and in its stride, it’s fantastic- total adrenaline rush and makes all the right sounds to accompany the go- a real screamer of an engine and sounds very angry and purposeful

    The RB20DET has always been my favorite just from a sound perspective, after driving a friends mapped 25NEO 34, this is a much more exciting engine/experience in general-probably as its far from a standard RB20DET… This is a good point to get over to the spec list.

    RB20DET running 396 bhp / 333 ftlb torque @1.3 bar at the hubs- Changed from boost controller to boost on ECU, mapped to this on 10/20/2018 at GB Enterprises- Video Below currently sat at 92000 miles

    *Cambelt and tensioners and waterpump replaced at 96,0053 miles in 2020
    *oil and filter changed every 2-3k miles- doesn’t burn any or use any water
    * Custom Wossner forged pistons with painted skirts.
    * Tomei Poncam set
    * Tomei 1.2 Head gasket
    * Rb25 Hybrid Billet turbo built by Midland Turbos at 1.3 bar, boost on Link G4+. This builds boost almost 1000rpm sooner too than a boost conroller to accompany a map (see video comparison)
    * Blitz FMIC
    * Custom made catch tank
    * HKS 1.1 Bar rad cap
    * HKS Induction filter (nice and easy to clean between services)
    * Splitfire coilpacks
    * R32 GTR Exedy single plate clucth & release bearing (replaced in 2020, Issues with pedal linkage/gearbox were caught and rectified then too)

    *FULL ORIGINAL INTERIOR- in overall very good condition with wind up bolster supports aoon the driver seat which is a nice touch
    * Link G4+ ECU- Map was cleaned up with a bit of a warble on overrun after turbo being replaced- not silly bangs etc. but there is anti-lag features in the ECU if you wanted to get that mapped in and ruin the car
    * HKS Turbo timer
    * Genuine Nissan coil pack loom
    * SPA dual digital gauges

    * Tomei Fuel pressure regulator Type S
    * Walbro 255 lph Fuel pump
    * R33 GTR 444cc Injectors
    * R33 GTR Resistor pack
    * R32 GTR Fuel filter (replaced in servicing with another GTR part in 2020

    * Tomei Turbo elbow
    * 3" S/S Down pipe
    * 3" Decat pipe
    * 3" Japspeed cat back system (very loud and boomy on motorway, but really lets engine breath up top- creates a very aggressive note at idle too- This is a very aggressive and assertive sounding car)

    *Gearbox refreshed with Redline MT-90 in 2020
    *Just had new Steering King Pin Bearings and an alignment done end of 2020
    * BC Coilovers
    * Tein Tension bars
    * Cusco Front strut brace
    * Cusco lower arm brace
    * R32 GTR rear sway bar
    * Driftworks Front & Rear camber arms (replaced and greased in 2020 as the ones I did have had seized rosejoints)
    * Driftworks Hicas delete kit
    * Custom Fast road alignment set up
    * Rota GTR 18" Alloys 9.5 Front 10 rear
    * Project Mu locking wheel nuts
    * DBA Dics all round, Brembo pads
    *KAAZ 2 way fitted by Julian at Garage D in 2019. I think it ended up in a 3.7 housing after it being a 4.1 or 4.2 lsd prior, Lost a bit of acceleration but sits lower in the revs on the motorway jaunts which has made it nicer and noticeably more economical on long drives- This was a much needed addition with the way the turbo hits in this car and of course lets you have that bit of tail out action at junctions when the mood takes you

    Body Kit:-
    * GTR N1 Rep front bumper
    *GTS-T type M skirts (I think)
    * 50 mm GTR Rear overfenders ( Reinforced & professionaly blended )
    *Rear Bumper had more work done in 2019 to sit better on the car too.

    *Been checked and undersealed coming up to all winters in my ownership, previous owner used to get it regularly topped during the cars MOT’s at Abbey too.
    * Purple braided brake hose kit
    * Attain cooling panel
    * Front & Rear Tow hooks (removed these to clean up looks, but can supply iof wanted)
    * Clifford Concept 650 mk11 Thatcham approved CAT 1 (gives great peace of mind with proximity sensors too if you leave it somewhere)

    Bad Ponts:
    *Some rust on inside/ bottom of doors, but hasn’t got worse in my ownership as its garaged all the time, This doesn’t show through to other side either- I always check drainage holes are all clear

    *It is an old car so not perfect and used as a car should be, but does clean up well as you can see by the pics, it has a wonderful deep almost mirror finish after a good polish, but nightmare to keep clean being a black car

    *Also Bit of rust on front wings round by bumper quick releases

    *As of right now (18-Jan), figuring out a strange knocking noise coming from front of car when going over bumps, a broken camber arm was found and replaced this Friday just gone (15th at cost of £120) while this has massively decreased this noise, we’re still investigating, doesn’t affect the way it drives either- steering is still great, tight and direct.

    * brake pads will need replacing all round soon (r32 gts-t calipers front and back) This will be done ASAP or parts can be supplied as part of the sale if I have them before it goes

    …and that’s about it! Its definitely been an any day/any weather get in and drive car while I’ve owned it. Perfect summer car, quirky shopping car, and interesting talking point everywhere you go with it.

    If they don’t see you, they’ll definitely know you arrived. You will get lots of thumbs up from car enthusiasts and grumpy looks from Karens and doddering old people in their Hyundai I10’s and Suzuki ignis misery boxes.

    Open to PX with a 1J VVTI soarer/chaser/crown etc with R154 box, or Aristo 2JZGTE, or a 1J swapped S-body – not a fan of SR or CA powered ones, but would like it to be a good spec, 2 way/coilovers etc. May also be tempted by something more modern or a more standard R34 GT-T – WOULD BE VERY KEEN TO GET INTO A GENUINE BEE R324 kitted one of these with a good spec too

    May be able to put cash on top for right car, but would also expect cash my way if the perceived/my perceived value of your car is less than this (I know that’s a moot point, but happy to have good conversations around that rather than silly messages about what we think our cars are worth and why we’re both wrong)

    Looking for £16,000


    So here's a link to the full album on my Google Drive- lots of pictures there- Just added More 20/1

    ***78 Photos in total including more engine and underside photos.***

    There is also a couple of vids of a cold and warm idle so you can hear how nice and smooth it is

    *****Be sure to see videos below and a few more on my youtube channel "ChrisHib01"***



    Feel Free to contact me for any further information or queries around the points above.

    Many thanks, Chris

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    Bump- Still for sale. Dont seem to be able to update post- so update on the points highlighted above

    • Knocking noise after camber arm replacement has been found and sorted- was just the upper suspension arm catching on a bit of trim inside the wheel arch. So cuth that out and tighteed the dampers- all gone

    • Now have brake pads, so will be getting those fitted in the coming week all being well

    • Will be doing an oil change with Millers 10w 60 this week
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    Price dropped to £15,000 ONO as something has come up I'd be keen to buy.

    Will add a few more detailed pics in week
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