Project Yoko. Nissan Silvia S14a

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    I've been meaning to start a thread for the past year since I bought the car but never found time to do it. It's going to take me a bit to catch up but here it finally is.


    I've had a few cars before. I started with Peugeots when I didn't know what cars was and then have worked my way through 320's, a number of civics, a 300zx TT, a turbo'd Integra DC2, a RX8 and up until this a BMW 130i. Jap stuff has always been best for me. I tried been sensible going back to a BMW but that just didn't work for me. I'm 29 and I'll grow older a bit later.

    I bought this car from Ireland. Personally I think if you're after a jap whip is worth a nosey. You gamble a plane ticket but there's some steals to be had. This had clean paint, no rust, a few mods; coilovers, boost controller, ecu and LPG and by the time I'd done haggling and sold off the second pair of wheels I didn't want nearly £1500 cheaper than it would have been in the UK.

    I know LPG is going to raise a few eyebrows but I like it. There's plenty of ways to set it up, some dire and some really good jobs. Everyone's welcome to their personally opinion but for me it means I get to enjoy this daily on 40mpg and I just switch over to petrol when I remember I'm really Paul Walker living out his retirement in England.

    Anyhow this is the original advert:







    Work now, so I'll add more in a bit.
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