For Sale R154 Manual 1JZGTE Toyota Crown JZS171

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    Hey folks, been a while but I thought I'd check in and see if anyone is need of a Crown.

    The car is mint aside a minor crack in the front bumper where I hit a pole, reversing at approximately 2 miles per hour.

    Spec - Athlete V

    1JZ GTE VVti - Single Turbo - Still on the factory unit. Stock boost.
    62,000 Miles or 102000 KM on the clock.
    MOT Sept 2022
    Innovate SCG1 Boost controller - has been on the car for a few months. Boost has been run as standard.
    Manual conversion done by Garage-D in 2020, includes the auto emulator from Phoenix management.
    R154 from a Jzx110 and running a basic paddle clutch. Does the trick.
    It has a welded factory diff and a stock diff. Can be taken with either fitted.
    BC Racing coil overs with uprated spring rates - 16/12 I think, went a few KG's over stock in any case.
    Nardi Wheel.
    ProRam air filter.
    Wheels are in perfect condition. New Falken tyres on the front, will likely put some new budgets on the rears as they came with the wheels and they're starting to crack.
    Traction control disabled.
    New bushes on the lower control arms.
    Brand new brakes all round, discs M-Tech and EBC yellow stuff pads on the front.
    Hydro hand brake in vertical position.
    6 disc CD changer - my favourite bit.
    It speaks to you and tells you that you don't have a toll card in Japanese when you start the car.
    TRD gear knob. eBay special, great weight though.
    Recent oil change - less than 1000 miles.
    Shotgun exhaust. Silencers removed. Not crazy loud at all.
    Hollowed cat.

    Random spares - There was a master plan for this car but I'm not going to living in the UK anymore so literally zero point in continuing with it. I'll sell all of the below separately or I can strike a deal if that's the direction that the new owner wants to pursue.

    Heyglenn knuckles - not fitted
    Turbosmart External Wastegate Gen V - Hyper Gate 45 - Sleeper (All Black), 14psi - not fitted
    Stock manifold that would have been mated to the above waste gate - not fitted
    Overarches to fit works wheels - pics not attached. They are wide and they are spec'd for the below wheels.
    The nicest wheels I've ever seen - spec below

    Works Meister L1 3Piece x 4
    Fronts: 18x9.5 O disk -18
    Rears: 18x10.5 O disk -30
    Matte Black centres and gloss lips with gold hardware. These also come with a minor catch in the fact that they have 3 brand new spare lips because they came damaged. Tiny dings on the three of the rims. Your call if you wanted to swap them over or wait until they need changing. So it's 4 complete wheels and 3 spare lips.
    Fronts currently have brand new Yokohama AD08 tyres.

    Retail £3409 + extra lips.
    Tyres £300

    Bad bits

    No stock handbrake
    Front bumper cracked - could do with a little paint where I dragged it on the pole.
    Two tiny dings on the bodywork
    Gear lever surround could do with tidying up.
    I'll let you know if I think of anything else but she runs great, pulls great and it's been well looked after. Originally 1 owner from new in Japan until it hit UK shores.

    Otherwise she's mint. It came into the country in 2020 and I was the first UK owner. Did all the work with the ambition of drifting it eventually. Now I'm leaving the country so it's someone else's to carry on the journey with it. It honestly hasn't been driven hard at all because it's been built over the course of the time I've had it. The worst it's seen is a gentle peel out from a junction.

    All in you can see it starts to add but I'm prepared to be realistic on a deal with or without the spare wheels.

    I think a fair price for the car considering the market for auto JZX110's and other 1JZ factory turbo cars
    is £11800

    With all the extras I'm happy to let it go for £13500 (with a little effort it'll look great and it's all there to do it)

    All in I'm well over £16K so I think this represents a decent deal for someone. I'm sure you lot will be kind enough to let me know if I'm way off the mark though.

    Any questions go ahead and ask. Car is located in Bedfordshire and I'm around for the next month.

    If you'd like to see more pictures
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    Car SOLD - Wheels and spares available.

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