r32 gtr R200 diff into a abs 14

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by burgerboy78, Jan 29, 2013.

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    right so im after a 4:1 ratio diff and ive been offered...

    r32 gtr casing with 4:1 crown and pinion and all i need to do is build it up using the missing parts from my diff.

    Problem is my car has abs, this diff doesnt and its from an R32.

    now i could swap the half shaft flanges, prop input,backplate and other shit from my 14 diff onto the r200 diff casing and use that, however im reading everywhere that it wont work as the prop will be too short also what about the ABS?

    or could i take the crown and pinion and slap it all into my 14 diff therefore not worrying about props being to short and all that.

    also does the R200 diff bolt straight into the 14 subframe?

    sorry if none of this makes sense

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