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Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by 4door32, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Well its been a long time since ive been on here. I used to be on here daily and read through most build threads. at the time I bought a ropey r32 4 door that was auto and paint strippered by a female scorned! Not by myself and I dont know who owned it at the time but that was what I was told!

    So the long and short of it is that I and mainly my buddy matty sorted it out and manualed it and I did some shady bodywork and threw it in somewhere for a super cheap paint job.
    It still had a stock rb20det inside so did the basics of fmic and exhaust and fueling and it made 272.9bhp which I was really pleased with
    So i ran it like that with a boost controller and did some skids and life was great! But then life happened and stuff, like it does! so that was a few yrs ago and I ran it till about 2yrs ago when it started to break and look shabby as fook.

    So basically I might upload the old build pics to start this but im now at the point where I need to start gathering bits for version 2.0

    I have 2 rb25s bare blocks that I will hopefully be able to make 1 good 1 from and build the other as a spare. Just stock nothing special to hopefully run about 400bhp

    I have an s13 rear sub frame with poly bushes and an s15 lsd
    And a cusco single paddle clutch and flywheel combo for a rb25
    Thats about it so far and just need all you guys help to get the essentials to do the conversion

    And before everyone says this has been covered a million times I do realise this but I just wanted to do a thread to start me off again on the right foot and do what I didnt the 1st time round.

    So hi im jason and I need rb turbo skids back in my life

    Cheers guys
    I ll post some pics of my original build when I can find the pics
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    So you want to know what you need to swap from 273hp RB20DET to a 400hp RB25DET and you've just got a couple of bare RB25DET blocks?

    Turn the bare block into a complete factory engine but use ARP head studs, ARP bearings (not the softer "Race" bearings) and a steel headgasket. Block off one of the oil feeds to the head and drill out one of the oil drains while you're at it
    Stock exh manifold with 2cm spacer
    HY35W Holset, or check out the Holset thread for an idea on what to use
    Biggest injectors you can get, but easiest are Nismo 740's. Subaru or RX7 ones are cheaper but need a bit of mucking around
    Nistune with Z32 AFM sensor

    Guessing you've already got an upgraded fuel pump, adjustable FPR, fmic, 3" exhaust and upgraded clutch. Hopefully an oil cooler and alloy radiator too

    Build other block up the same as the above block but with forged pistons & rods, dry sump, flowed head and a good quality exhaust manifold

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