R33 Skyline GTST wandering & unpredictable...

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by Simon Skyline, Feb 3, 2021.

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    So guys & girls, my daily commute is on some shitty roads & I initially thought that it was merely the grooves in the roads that were causing my car to wander.

    I occasionally get a clonk from the O/S front & to make matters worse I've since reversed into a post, hitting the arch & wheel which appears to have knocked the tracking out slightly... I know, wanker driver!!!

    I've looked under the car the best I can see ATM & there doesn't appear to be anything bent. I have all Driftworks arms (on their shortest setting) apart from standard lower arms. I've bought some steering rack polybushes plus alloy rear subframe pineapples to fit & I'll get it re-tracked.

    Do subframes ever come loose or move at either end?

    Do the rack mounts ever come loose?

    Could it be the rear diff or anything else I haven't thought of?

    Sorry for the long post & hope you guys have some experience... Thanks, Si.

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