R3's E36 328i rescue mission

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    Hey guys!
    Super excited to join the community, and show off my build.

    I'm from Latvia (the same country Kristaps Blušs is from, You may have heard of him)

    The story begins in early 2020, I had recently sold my old drifter, and was looking for a new mistake.
    Since I knew I want to do it properly, the only thing I cared about when looking for a car was a healthy engine.
    My wife found an ad for original 328i touring, priced at 1350eur, a great price for Latvia.

    Went to look at the car, it was spray painted black, the rear was hit pretty hard, and repaired with the best method - 10 kilograms of putty.

    The underneath was severely rusted, with the subframe mounting points cracked, and all the other things You'd expect to see on a clapped out E36.

    The previous owner had sawed off half of the exhaust, which gave the car a sound of 1000 dead horses, screaming in an ear-piercing symphony.

    It was missing 5 wheel bolts, with the rest of them being finger tight.

    Me, being the reasonable adult I am, jumped on the deal, at a stunning price of 950 European pesos, making this perhaps the cheapest running 328i in Latvia.

    Here are some pictures of the car when I got it:
    180219-43. 180219-44. 180219-45.
    A quick video of the thing:

    Since the car had a welded diff, a hydro (one that didn't work even on wet asphalt), and valid MOT for a month, I did what any other responsible adult would do, and took it to the track.

    To my surprise, apart from sounding absolutely ridiculous, the car did not fall apart, and was willing to spin up 3rd (2.93 diff) on a wet track.

    Here's a video of the day:

    I will continue writing up the story, as there's about 7 months of progress left to document.

    You can find me on Instagram and YouTube : CrewTDG

    More later!
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    After the trashcan had proven itself worthy, I decided to check what exactly I was working with, and took it to get dyno tested.

    I had still done nothing to the car, it still had no exhaust, the oil that it had when I bought it, so I was not expecting much. Needless to say: It kept on surprising.

    What's the best way to treat a car that has proven itself to be unexpectedly reliable? Beat on it some more. But now I'll let You enjoy the video.

    If You want to follow the build, I'll appreciate a quick sub on the channel. :)

    More coming soon. :)
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    Hey hey! Hopefully the year has started good for You.

    Time for our next throwback update

    The car had rusted out pretty badly, and I had forced a buddy of mine to Weld it up for me, as I don't have a welder, or the skills to use one yet.

    Here's a list of things that were done:
    X Reinforced all 4 subframe mounts
    X New "boxes" for rear trailing arms
    X Welded up the holes in the floor, under sills and trunk.
    X New rear fenders
    X Rear right corner welded in from a donor
    X Back of the car straightened, as it was warped from a previous crash
    X Trunk from a donor
    X Polybushed rear subframe installed
    X 188mm 3.23 opendiff (for now) installed

    20200616_205440. 20200617_223950. 95441905_2680888628799655_6562481429807941897_n.

    Also, here's a video of me tearing the car apart:

    At this point the car has returned back home, has been welded up and in theory, things list rust or broken subframe mounts should not worry me anymore.

    Thank You for spending the time to read this.

    Update coming soon. :)
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    Another update coming up!

    The touring had returned home, all welded up, but since the filler absorbs moisture like a sponge, and I wasn't into the idea of letting the biggest financial mistake of my life to just rot away like that, I had to get it painted.

    Now, when I say painted, I mean a couple cheap cans of paint, one clueless idiot, and a few hours of work. How did it go? Well it's single color now. That's about it.

    I also tried starting the car for the first time in a few months.

    As always, Your feedback and support is appreciated. Every like helps getting myself closer to that sweet sweet YouTube moolah, that would allow me to do more dumb stuff to this absolute flagship. :wack:

    Bought a seat for it, not sure what it is tho. The brand seems to say UNP, which means nothing to me. Got it for 60eur, so can't complain. Came out of an s13

    Also picked up some vinyl for the livery. :wack:

    I also tried on the first wheel option. Those are MIM Juventus 16" 8.5j et10, how do You like them? Got another set to show you, perhaps a bit more interesting.

    Looking for livery ideas. I want the car to be black/gray base, with some accents to pick up attention, but can't decide which way to go yet. :no:
    IMG_20201025_152020_614. IMG_20201018_055654. IMG_20201001_180841. IMG_20201011_163123. IMG_20201011_164851.

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    Boom. Got some time to write up the next update.

    This is actually the first time the car got into my garage, which is no easy task, as there is a massive slope that leads into the garage.
    Also, I had just installed 8x36w chingchong shiny boys, so I could actually see what I'm doing.
    As most dirtbag e36's, the valve cover was leaking.
    This may seem like an easy job to most people, but I'm an absolute monkey when It comes to fixing stuff. (I'm waaay better at breaking things)

    This was my 1st time changing the cover gasket, I live in the middle of nowhere, so when at about 3AM I realised that I had received the wrong gasket, I had to stop, wait for tommorow, do a store run, and continue.

    After getting the correct parts, everything seemed a good bit easier.
    As always, there is a video version of the process.

    It really helps if You press "like" on the video, maybe even subscribe if You want to see more of the stuff. It really helps the channel. :)

    Forgot to post that my wheel addiction has taken another bite out of my wallet.

    Guess how much these 16" 8&9j et11 RIAL's + polishing cost me.
    Before: IMG_20201011_174428_483.
    After: IMG_20201128_204116.
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