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    Hey guys im putting a couple of bits up for sale as i need some money lol
    1) Road angle compact, with all the extras you can get for it incl long distance sensor, 360 degree sensor for mobile cameras including in car cameras, extra satilite reciever (improves signal if you have any kind of tint on the windscreen). £50 collected (provisionaly sold)
    2) 60 litre air cylinder/ bead blaster, use an air line or little compresor to fill it up and it will last for ages and you can run air tools from it without having to worry about it running out every 5mins. £40 collected.
    3) 2x Wolfrace Voodoo 15in alloys multifit. £ offers
    4) 4x 16in multifit Jap alloys, forget what brand but came on my old GT4 from Japan (will check and put pics up over weekend if requested) £ offers
    5) Clear S14 side repeaters £25 collected
    6) Standard cat S14 cat convertor in v.good condition £ offers.
    7) Standard S14 down pipe £ offers.
    8) S15 fuel pump in good condition £offers.

    Theres prob more but off the top of my head that will do for now lol
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