Rb gearbox in s14a

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by kyle_h95, Apr 6, 2018.

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    long story short is as this-
    Bought an s14 with what sounded like release bearing noise (whine then clutch in and it dissapear)
    Bought an exedy 3 puk clutch and brand new release bearing.
    Fitted them, noise still the same. Contacted people selling the bearing, they said very rare for them to be noisy from the box but he sent me a new one and I threw it on, still the same.

    So I thought must be gearbox noise, went to garage d bought a complete rb gearbox conversion,
    Fitted it all last night got in the car same noise (with a couple additionals ).

    What's the next step then? Really feel like I should have changed the spigot bearing but me rushing around didn't do it.

    Also rb box is quite noisy, like a rattle when going through 1st 2nd & 3rd and changing down in all gears.
    Rb box just had fresh oil, although driving it home the shifter fork was not bolted in!
    Hoping this is pretty standard but knowing my luck probably isn't!
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    Do you have a short shifter on it? That will make it noisy.

    First motion shaft bearing noise is very common among Nissan boxes.

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