Removing carbon canister from RB25 & R33 engine bay tidy up...

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    I'm sure many of you will have done this before, so I'm hoping this should be straight forward. I want to remove my carbon canister from R33 skyline and any unnecessary breathers / hoses, etc.

    1) Apart from physically removing the canister, the pipes and feeding them out of the engine bay, what do I at the engine end? :confused:

    2) I 'd rather not just loop hoses back on each other where possible, so what hoses can I do away with & how can I do it neatly? :confused: :confused:

    3) I've already got an oil breather set-up venting from the cam covers, to catch tank, to air instead of back into the air intake. Apart from keeping the intake system cleaner, with any of these suggested mods will I notice any difference / improvements? :confused: :confused: :confused:

    4) What can be done at the intake manifold side - blocking off / removing, etc? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

    Any pictures and advice would be much appreciated...

    Thanks, Si :thumbs:
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