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    Its been a LONG time since i visited or posted on the forum so i thought it was about time now since the updated system.

    So as you will be aware Rockingham Motor Speedway have opened their doors to drifting like very few other venues dare!

    With the Spring Matsuri, regular practice day in the Outer Paddock and Oval days, its going from strength to strength.

    Most of this is down to the attitude of drivers who realise that if they screw things up, the whole 'scene' gets a bad name so far so good.

    More days with different layouts are planned through out the year. These will vary in layout, from tight technical stuff on the Outer Paddock to HUGHLY fast stuff on the Oval and Infield.

    The latest is an Oval only day on Bank holiday Monday the 17th April. We have to the best of our ability recreated Meihan on the Oval just after turn three.


    Its not perfect, i know that, but its the closest thing we have in the UK to be able to run such an iconic layout.

    There will be a secondary layout on the oval between turns two and three which will be more technical than previously seen on this section of track. This will include walls and the banking, so something a little different from the norm.

    This event is the first time spectators will be able to head on the Infield to watch whats happening, that alone is something Rockingham never allow.

    So if you are free on the Monday, why not come and see what all the fuss is about.
    We are hearing rumours of a number of BDC drivers who are planning on attending. Who ever comes, its a drift day with a chilled out relaxed atmosphere, just how it should be.


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    Looking forward to this! I'll be coming in the S15 to see about those flick entries! :smokin:
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