For Sale Rust free s13 caged shell

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by Adam-MGTF, Jan 9, 2023.

  1. Adam-MGTF

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    May 17, 2012
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    For sale, currently comes none rolling. For additional fee I can get it rolling on oem parts.

    £2500 as is.

    Shell is very very clean, no rust I can see, the shell was blasted back to bare metal, fab work done and painted and since then has not been on the road (so no salt!)

    Cage passes usual inspection criteria

    Has pedals and dash.

    Comes with doors and boot and with all oem glass.

    we have various body panels that could be included for extra

    Sorry for poor pictures. It's currently stored at the side of my workshop. Will be getting it out in the coming weeks if not sold.

    Doesn't come with the assorted random parts inside! I will clean these out.

    IMG_20221202_145246. IMG_20221202_145250. IMG_20221202_145256. IMG_20221202_145306. IMG_20221202_145315. IMG_20221202_145323. IMG_20221202_145330. IMG_20221202_145339. IMG_20221202_145351. IMG_20221202_145412. IMG_20221202_145606. IMG_20221202_145614. IMG_20221202_145620. IMG_20221202_145624. IMG_20221202_145627. IMG_20221202_145631. IMG_20221202_145640. IMG_20221202_145711. IMG_20221202_145715. IMG_20221202_145724.
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  2. Ro.S14

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    Mar 2, 2023
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    Hey man!

    Do you still have this?? If so, could you drop your number, I have some questions!


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