Rx7 FD JZ + Carbon Fiber

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    After buying then selling having my time wasted I have now decided I am going build the RX7FD.

    so as it sits its a rolling shell 0 rust extremely clean with a Carbon Fiber Wide arch kit, coilovers, 99+ rear lights some posh wing mirrors and loads of other stuff but missing a few bits.


    An engine being one of them. Thanks to JDM Distro I now have a 1JZ non VVTI engine on its way from Japan as we speak.


    The car was also missing a bonnet, boot and headlights. I managed to source these however all need cleaning and painting.

    28782878_1589568314493143_7297893264110125056_n. 28685827_1589568411159800_1398149547204542464_n. 28685079_1589568401159801_1191406945609711616_n. 28796165_1591094407673867_6289187067561771008_n.

    The wiring is a little all over the place.


    luckily I am planning on using a link G4 ecu so I can start by removing pretty much all the wiring and starting from fresh.

    The final plan is to have a fairly powerful comp spec drift car, full cage, lexan windows and all the other cool shit. Some massive wheels to fit the ridiculous wide arch kit. would be nice to make it street legal and register it as well.

    I am planning on using the RX7 gearbox and mating it to the 1JZ, I have seen some great results with this if you have done it this way id love to ask a few questions.
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    Awesome glad you decided to keep it, that carbon body is lush

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