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    Here's my 2004 RX8 231 motor for sale.

    This engine works perfectly, idles perfect, starts hot and cold perfect, doesn't over heat and uses coolant.

    I've done circa 2k miles on this engine. Allegedly it was rebuilt 3k prior to me buying the car, alas I have no proof but visually the engine looks to have been rebuilt and it's performance doesn't make me doubt it has been rebuilt.

    I have no compression figures, if a buyer wants to test I actively encourage this !

    The motor isn't ported or messed around with, it's internally standard with a few choice additions, such as;
    Black Halo Racing D585 coil pack conversion
    MSD ignition leads
    RX8Performance.com aluminium engine mounts
    Uprated R3 starter motor
    Oil catch tank to catch those pesky oil burps
    Engine cover included but removed for pictures

    Lots of bits fitted at reasonable expense to make the motor reliable and last, in my ownership it has had 2x oil changes and I changed the plugs as a matter of course.

    The auction is for Engine and all ancillaries, gearbox ( 4th is abit crunchy but hey it's cheap ! ) flywheel clutch etc,
    The engine is still currently in the car and will not be removed until a deposit is sent. This is incase anyone would like to see it running / test drive etc.
    Any questions please call or text any time

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