Wanted S12, S13 or S14a wanted from October 2017 (auto preferred)

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by shilpabhavini, Apr 9, 2017.

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    After having an S12 that turned into a project that stalled at wiring and sadly selling my S14a due to moving into a city centre (therefore, it just sitting there), looking to move out of the city in January and will need a car which is a good runner, auto preferred but s-body only.

    Will need to last a couple of years so no ridiculous mileage. High is fine but not so much as it would be my daily from Warwick to Solihull.

    Budget is £1k or near. Doesn't have to be modded - I love standard cars, just has to be s-body. Black is a bonus! Tax and MOT at time of purchase a must.

    Let me know if you got something you're going to get round to selling around sept/oct/November...

    Needs to be fully working, ready to drive and not a project.



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