S13 1JZ From Romania with love !

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    Ok...so basically after pumping a shit load of money into a couple of SR's...(one s15 SR, full forged and the latest, sr20vet, again full built)bolth ran GT35's and MS3 stand alones, the vet decided to blow a bearing with 8.1 bar oil pressure and 80deg temp out of nowhere....i decider to retire them and bought a JZ for, here it comes, 300 quid ! I cracked open the engine, everything looks fine inside. Now i'm planing of throwing it in with a 530 gearbox, AP Racing twin disk clutch, a GT35 and off course, a MS3 stand alone.....I'm having some trouble with the oil pan, cuz it's a mid sump, i'v cut it and welded it, but before i put it up, i just wanted to ask is someone has a frontsump pan for sale ? I'll keep u guys up to date with the project. Cheers ! Vlad, JPR Engineering.

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