S13 200sx (SR20DET)

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by BabyBhp, Dec 4, 2005.

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    Hello everyone

    Unfortunately i have to get rid of my drift project because of my parents. They say its taking over my life and not letting me concentrate on my plumbing course, which aint so true. they say i can use my dads car for what i want to do but thats not possible and my dad knows it. hes saying i should do it after ive finished my plumbing course. but i just cant agree with that because my plan was to have a nice drift ready car by the time i was 18 or 19 and have some experience. any way dont want to bore you guys with my life story...

    it took me 8months to find this car after i sold my last one. it was everything i wanted. it had no rust apart from the odd little bit. bodywork was mint apart from 2 little dents. it was owned by a old man for a very long time he looked after it very well. then it was owned by someone of the sxoc forum whos a top lad he looked after the car very well he fitted an exhaust system and induction kit, 5000miles after this the bearing went and it just sat in his garage for a while. then i took it of his hands. the hard part for me was finding the engine and all the bits for the swap. luckily i had my dad helping me iswell he managed to find a guy who had a mint engine with only 60k and run standard all its life. he was breaking his S14 because his wife lost it in the wet :no:

    now to the bad bits the project hasnt been completed however all the hard works been done. engine and gearbox has been dropped in and the modified loom has been put in through the firewall, ive connected a few plugs up but not all of them. the boost pipes and intercooler pipes need to be connected. radiator needs to be fitted. exhaust system needs conecting. the last owner said the brake pads could do with a change is well.

    uprated bits:
    full apex exhaust system
    induction kit
    saab fmic
    apex lowering springs
    gtir fuel pump
    turbo timer
    diy sleepy eye conversion
    boost gauge
    iridium spark plugs

    the car is a 93 uk-facelift which means it comes with lsd already
    it comes with the private plate
    i have all paper work for the car
    the car has mot and tax
    the log book hasnt been changed to 2.0 turbo so up to you if you want change
    the owner of the sr20det can confirm engine mileage.
    ive tryed to be honest as i can with the car, in my eyes this S13 is just a perfect example of a uk-facelift S13 apart from its been fitted with the engine nissan should have put in, in the 1st place.
    the new owner can take the old engine, gearbox and other bits n bobs if they want

    i want £3300 for it as it is which i think is a fair price

    feel free to ask any other questions



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    mate i aint tryign to be negative but 3300 seems to be a bit much for this as can get S14's and S13 silvias for that which are more drift ready. hope you get a good price for it mate. If you deside to break it for parts i can offer a good price on the engine, gearbox and all the bits to go with it. good luck :thumbs:
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    Aug 18, 2004
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    yeh i guess if i dont get any buyers ill just have to finish it off and then sell it.

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