S14/14A bits for sale Single Vented Wings/Diff/Seats/Aero

Thread in 'Parts for sale' started by _robbo, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Feb 24, 2013
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    Few bits from my 14A, Need some space so a few bits need to go.

    Firstly a set of single vented +25mm front wings for 14A, brand new condition however one corner needs a bit of fibreglass adding to it. Not had holes drilled for fitting yet.


    Thats the good one
    This is the one that needs building up a bit

    Also got a Vertex copy rear bumper, looks like a good fit but haven't test fitted it yet. I have started to fill the air bubbles and prep it for paint but theres still a bit to do.


    Roof spoiler, good fit, can't see any gaps underneath it, looks like an origin style one. This can be painted to any colour, or can come in primer as pictured.

    Standard S14 leather seats front and rear, no rips/tears etc could just do with a clean really.


    And finally a VLSD from a 1998 s14a with 65,000 miles. still locks up good.



    Wings £120 + postage or collection
    Rear bumper £110 collection only
    Roof wing £90 + postage or £110 painted +postage
    Seats £80 for all, collection only
    Diff £30 + postage

    Ill consider sensible offers

    Thanks for looking :)


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