S14 starting/running issues

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by Sam Knott, Aug 27, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    Got an S14 as a project recently and all has been going well... I have done the following modifications :

    Stage 1 HDEV Chip
    Manual Boost Controller
    Walbro 255 pump

    After installing all these mods the car was running fine a 1bar boost although it did still overfuel a little, the real issues have started after a week or so!

    I got in the car to go to work one morning and turned the igniton on and i heard a clicking down near my accelerator, didnt think much of it at the time as the car started fine. I then drove to work and parked up and turned the car off.

    Came back out at the end of the day and it wouldnt start, just had the same clicking noise but this time it wasnt going away, the engine would turn over but not fire. Had to wait for the rac who didnt come until the next morning, i walked out put the key in and it started although it wasnt running right (limp mode) i drove it back to my farm with the rac following me and it was overfuelling a lot.

    I noted that when the check engine light didnt come on with the ignition the car wouldnt start so i knew when it was and wasn't going to start.

    So next me and a friend checked the following:

    Checked all relays were working behind ecu and by accelerator pedal. All working fine however the fuel pump relay would either click like mad or not at all.

    Hard wired fuel pump in the rear with relay and direct connection to relocated boot battery. All working can hear pump.

    Checked all fuses in footwell and bay. All working.

    Took ecu apart and checked solder connections on board. All look good.

    Checked loom leaving the ecu all seemed fine, now this is when it gets odd. I moved the loom a bit in the passneger footwell and all of a sudden everything clicks and the car starts and works for 4 mins and then the check light came on and it started running bad again. Turned the car off and same thing again fuel pump relay clicking and car not starting.

    We checked all the loom wires and cannot see a break and also checked the ones in the drivers arch.

    By the end of the night the relay wasnt clicking but the electric fan would come on while cranking...

    Next morning im back scratching my head.. Clean ecu terminals again and the car works leave it running for half hour all seems good, put everything back together and it's working fine. Used it for around 50miles and then the next night leaving my road it cuts out, it starts back up and driving it down the road the check light comes back on and its in limp mode again!

    So im lost, if it was the ecu it wouldnt work full stop? What else can i do? Could it be an immobiliser? It has nats 2 i think.

    If you got this far thanks for reading! Help please!

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    Did you ever find out what it was? I'm going through the same thing at the moment. Mines got and rb25 and power FC though so must be something in the loom between

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