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    1998 Nissan 200sx touring
    Factory Manual
    Mot 18/08/2019
    Full Driftworks handling package -
    Hsd mono pro coilovers (not seized)
    Adjustable front tie rods
    Adjustable rear tie rods
    Adjustable rear toe rods
    Adjustable rear camber arms
    Driftworks braided brake lines
    17x10 bbs reps with good rubber
    Aluminium fuel lines
    Welded 4.4 ratio diff
    Modified front hubs for extra lock
    Steering rack relocated 25mm forward
    Polybushed rear subframe
    3" turbo back exhaust (decat)
    Apexi filter
    Large aluminium radiator
    No vvt rattle, smoke, etc
    Stock motor, stock management running 10psi for reliability
    Dump valve deleted
    Engine wiring loom relocated
    Full stock black leather interior in good condition including Bluetooth headunit.
    Regularly serviced using 5w 50
    Brand new windscreen

    Despite its subtle appearance this is a well set up drift car and as such is not immaculate, it's been used by me for the past year at various drift and track events and proven itself to be reliable and capable, with the 4.4 diff it will pull third gear in the dry.

    It's has had the subframe off and rear inner and outer sills and subframe mounting area repaired properly.

    As with any car there are a few bad points, the gearbox is a bit whiney but selects all gears fine and has never caused me any issues, their is a cv joint on the back that's getting a little tired and clicking a bit, the steering rack feels a bit tired, there is no play in it and the mot test didn't reveal anything, I've also been under and hung off everything and there's no play that I can find, it's just makes a slight clunk when changing direction.
    Engine management light is on due to using an ecu with NATS removed but doesn't actually have any fault and also abs light is on which I haven't had time to investigate.

    If you're not looking for a mint show car but want something that you can reliably drive to events and have a blast in then get in touch, with the 4.4 diff it feels way more powerful than it is and with all the extra lock it can make anyone into and instant drift hero.

    I'll include x8 stock s14a wheels in the sale to get you started.

    A video of the car (pre replacement screen) can be seen from this summer at Llandow race track here....

    Cash sale only, price is £4995

    For sale on behalf of a mate, Jay 07895183903 Screenshot_2018-11-12-09-05-50. Screenshot_2018-11-12-09-05-50.




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