S15 Parts - URAS bodykit, ORC clutch, GReddy coilovers, Stock brakes

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    ORC single plate clutch - removed due to doing a 6-speed conversion, worked fine but while it's out I'd recommend replacing the clutch disc, can be sourced easily enough - £195

    DSC_2315. DSC_2318. DSC_2323.
    URAS Type-S Monkey Magic full kit - A couple of small repairs that haven't been done great, paint isn't fantastic either. With a small bit of tidying up will be fine though. - Offers

    GReddy Type-S Coilovers - Came on the car when imported. The rear driver side and front passenger side coilovers are both knocking, however when on the car both the front passenger side and rear driver side were working as expected. There is very little rust on them and they were adjusted for the car to come over and adjusted again to put them down with no issues. - Offers

    S15 OEM brakes with brake lines - During the brief use I had with them they seemed to work fine, only selling as I went ahead with my plans to upgrade the brakes. There is still plenty of life left in the pads, discs have a slight lip but will be fine for the time being if you wish to re-use them. - £120

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