Selling some Very Very Rare MR2 Turbo Parts!

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    Selling some Very Very Rare MR2 Turbo Parts.

    See The List Below:

    More photos available on Request.

    Garage Fukui Side Skirts. Super Uber Rare. (Only ever seen one other set in 10 years).

    Rogue Motorsports. Rev 6 Front Bumper. Requires half a day of Fibreglass Work. But it is all there.

    Genuine Brand New in Gelcoat Veilside Rear Bumper. (When have you ever seen a genuine one? Let alone brand new still in gelcoat primer!).

    Sarona Spoiler for Rev1/Rev2 for use with side pods. Again very rare. Brand new and in gelcoat primer aswell. Like an autopista but better and rarer.

    Custom Aluminium Fastback engine lid. Cost a lot to have made. Good visibility out of the back and will keep engine bay temperature down for sure. Would suggest it could be finished and made perfect with a rub down and smooth over before painting to your desired colour.

    TOM's side skirts. Believed to be genuine! Very very rare. Extremely good quality and very good, very strong thick fibreglass.

    Genuine Bomex 3 piece Rear Spats Set including Centre lip piece. Super Uber Rare. Never seen another one in over 10 years.

    Other body parts.

    Rev3 rear spoiler Black with subtle red flake and ghost mr2 logo painted in on the side of the wing.

    Rev1 black boot. With spoiler and side pods.

    I have other parts including a full rev2 turbo with lsd gearbox.

    I also have a 1995 rev3 turbo low mileage 60k miles full drop in engine and drivetrain package with lsd gearbox, shafts, hubs, standalone with innovate wideband or oem ecu - both plug and play. Full exhaust system aswell to go with it if required. £5999.99 ono.

    Engines and gearboxes can be put on a pallet and shipped worldwide if needed.

    Located in Bedford, UK.












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