Skid risk birimingham wheels 4th october Skid risk s15 will be testing

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    • The next event is on Sunday 4th October .We will have S15 skid risk car testing plus BDC drivers in attendance giving free tuition throughout the day. They will be Jumping in and out of your cars to give you all the best advice a professional could give and all for FREE. We will keep having briefings in the day so drivers can ask questions and decide what they want from the day. We aim for around 11 hours drifting on the day so bring plenty of tyres.

      Details of any comps etc will be confirmed in advance and at the drivers briefing.

      Standard daily timetable;

      08:00 Gates Open
      09:00 Drivers Briefing (THIS IS MANDATORY!!)
      09:15 Track Open
      12:30 Lunch
      13:00 Track Re-Opens
      18:00-20:00 Track Closes (Dependant on Queue Size, Weather etc)


      Mint Tyres will be on site again to provide high quality part worn tyres and a tyre change service - See;Home
      £2.50 per tyre (any size 15's to 18's - if you need anything smaller then get in touch before the event)
      £5.00 for changes
      £1.00 for disposals


      We have a maximum of 50 spaces available on the day (max 45 to be booked in advance) so book early to avoid disappointment as we cannot guarantee access on the day!
      Drivers need to bring their photocard licenses and attend the mandatory briefing at 9am on the day of the event. Signing on is open between 8am-9am.


      Single Day - in Advance
      Driver £35 + £5 entry
      Second Driver £25 + £5 entry
      Passenger £20 + £5 entry

      Single Day - Pay on the Day
      Driver £40 + £5 entry
      Second Driver £30 + £5 entry
      Passenger £25 + £5 entry

      ALL Spectators are £5

      Skid Risk reserve the right to refuse entry and/or eject any person or persons from the site with no entitlement to a refund should our rules and regulations be contravened.


      Although everyone that comes along is friendly and happy to help out, we'd recommend that everyone brings their own tools;
      Jack, Wheel Brace, Socket Set, Screwdrivers, Hammer etc - Cable Ties and Duct Tape are highly recommended for running repairs! You may also want to bring some oil, a decent container of water (there are taps on site) any anything else you think will be useful.
      Your friends! Drifting is more fun if you can enjoy if with your mates... Share the jobs of changing wheels and have fun on track!


      A full briefing is given at the start of each day, the basics;
      Helmets MUST be worn at all times on track (including the play pens) - you must bring your own helmets, SkidRisk do not supply.
      Drivers and Passengers must be wearing the correct wristband before going on track. SkidRisk reserve the right to refuse entry and eject anyone from the premises that does not adhere to this rule.
      Seatbelts must be worn and windows closed to within a fist width gap.
      Any loose or sharp panels must be repaired or removed prior to going on track.
      SkidRisk operate a 2 warning system for anyone that disobeys the marshals, drives dangerously on track/on site or causes any issues for anyone else on site. If you receive a second warning you will be going home early with no refund. This is for minor rule breaking, anyone acting a down and out idiot will just be instantly banned
      So the instant ban rule breaking consists of, acting an idiot on the play pen, not wearing a helmet on the playpen, trying to get away with not paying, tampering with wristbands, speeding around the venue and lastly wheel spinning in the pits as this leads to cars being damaged from the stones being thrown up
      Respect us and we will respect you!

      Birmingham Wheels Adventure Park
      Landor Street
      B8 1AD
      Map: [COLOR=#ff710d][URL][URL][/URL][/URL][/COLOR]

      Like us for updates and competitions!

      [COLOR=#ff0000][B]BOOKING ON
      Payment to be made via Paypal; [COLOR=#ff710d][email][/email][/COLOR] - make sure you include your name and you will be added to the list below - PM or Email us if there are any issues![/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]

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    I'm there!!! :)
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    Just messaged Topo for a PayPal invoice for Sunday
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    Sent it m8
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    With handsome man
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    Just a little heads up!
    Due to DWYB @ BMW Show last Sunday and the regular DWYB at Santa Pod on Wednesday our stock of 15" tyres has taken a major hit. We will only have about 12-14 15" tyres available for this Sundays event. First come first serve basis.
    Bring as many as you can!
    16's, 17's & 18's have not been affected but are still limited due to weight limits getting them to the event.

    Mint Tyres.

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