Skyline cold running problem?

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by Simon Skyline, Jan 17, 2019.

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    Hi there guys, after a bit of advice please...

    I've got an R33 GTST series 1 with a Haltech ECU. I had it mapped a few years ago & the mapper did a great job of getting 354bhp out of the standard turbo & the aftercare he's given has been very good! I've had a problem however with the car & not sure if it can be something that needs tweeking / mapping or if I may have a faulty part that needs repairing or replacing.

    I've often had comments of my car smelling very rich (especially when cold) & believe I'm getting through quite a bit of fuel for the miles I'm doing. Sometimes when it's colder weather the car idles at around 1500-1600 rpm on cold start, the revs may drop when I blip the throttle & can stall, especially when trying to turn. Then it's a pig to start again initially. However, as soon as it starts to warm up it is perfectly fine, idles around 900 rpm & drives normal. I very rarely have this issue when the weather is mild / normal.

    Is this possibly fuel pump or FPR related, cold map tuning or something else I haven't thought of?

    I don't want to accuse the tuner as he's helped fault find for me many times before but I just want to know if there's something I can check before I go back to him.

    Thanks, Si.

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