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    For sale
    Skyline R32 GTS-4 with the famous RB26DETT GTR engine and transmission swapped in while it was in Japan

    Makes this basically a GTR without the 30k+ price tag

    I have decided to potentially sell both of my Skyline's now however I might keep whichever one doesnt sell first, but I have got my eyes on another vehicle so will see what happens
    See my other items for my R33 GTR

    Running perfectly ready for the new owner, I bought this at the start of lockdown with a running issue but after fitting lots of new parts and upgrades at the same time, it now revs and drives with no issues to the drivetrain or fueling/ignition system at all

    The only thing this car needs is the Turbo's rebuilding, I now realise this now that the car runs and drives, the seals have gone on them
    The retail price for the turbos on there own is £2900+ so is a well worth thing to do for the buyer to have them refreshed, will cost much less than buying other turbos which won't be as special as these GReddy units and it keeps the cars spec pretty much all GReddy then too
    BUT I will include in the sale a set of R33 GTR oem turbos and manifolds and lines with wastegates in perfect working order, complete turbo setup ready to be bolted on so the buyer will have no downtime while the GReddy turbos are away for rebuild :)
    Car still runs and drives but buyer will need to change the turbo's over as my lower back just won't hack it after all the work I have already done on this car

    Currently running on the standard ecu, injectors and maf's
    BUT I will be including an apexi power fc ecu, 660cc denso injectors and nismo mafs if the buyer wishes to have it mapped to have the setups full potential released as and when they want to do so

    My asking price is a bargain considering R32 GTS-T's with the stock RB20DET, or having a RB25DET swap both of which are only rwd are being listed for sale at £15k plus!

    Mine is 4wd which uses the GTR 4wd system as standard being the GTS-4 and has had an RB26DETT fitted which to buy with the bolt on mods it has would be easily 9k+ just for the engine

    The spec of the car is as follows
    Fresh import ready to be registered
    Absolutely rust free, lots of photos available I can send via whatsapp, my mobile number is attached, just ask

    Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-4 with an R32 GTR RB26DETT engine and gearbox swap completed in Japan
    The GTS-4 uses the GTR running gear but as standard came with an rb20det engine
    The only give away that it isnt a gtr is the sunroof and lack of wide arches basically
    MOT till June 29th 2021
    Rust free
    Solid sills, arches and strut tops
    , never seen UK roads, utterly solid chassis lots of pics available to prove this, yet to be undersealed properly so nothing is hidden, it is so clean!
    Compression test done and engine is healthy across all 6 and results are within 7% of one another making this engine extremely healthy

    So what I have changed/upgraded (receipts present for all new parts listed below)
    MOT passed at a cost of £400 for parts and labour plus transporting it there and back
    MOT is till end of June 2021
    Fixed a few vac leaks
    R33 GTR fuel pressure regulator
    Standard mafs fitted
    Standard ecu fitted
    Standard injectors fitted which have been cleaned
    All listed below parts are new and have done zero miles
    New Kenjutsu injector seal kit
    New fuel lines
    New fuel filter
    New bkr7e plugs fitted
    New ngk audi r8 coilpack conversion and new wiring harness
    New IAT sensor
    New water temp gauge sensor
    New ecu water temp sensor
    New O2 sensors x2

    Fresh import with first MOT/vehicle approval in hand aswell as all documents ready for it to be registered abd the V5 obtained and the buyer to be the first registered owner with zero previous owners

    Underside checked during mot and photos taken along with photos of the front end with bumper removed to prove how solid the chassis is, upon request I can send these

    Spec of car
    90,000 miles on the chassis as dash shows 150,000 kilometers
    - R32 GTR RB26DETT engine and gearbox fitted in Japan along with the following list of items
    - R32 GTR front bumper
    - R32 GTR bonnet
    - Polished engine covers
    - Trust GReddy T517Z twin turbo setup
    - Trust GReddy Gracer air filters (filters are abit old, housings arent great, have a pair of apexi filters I can include)
    - Trust GReddy intercooler core
    - Trust GReddy turbo hard pipe set
    - Adjustable cam gears
    - Custom one piece hot side to Y pipe intercooler pipe
    - Custom one piece cold side to HKS hardpipe inlet manifold pipe
    - Tomei rocker arm stoppers
    - Koyo radiator
    - Painted blue engine bay
    - Hicas lockout kit
    - Oil filter relocation kit
    - Oil cooler kit
    - HKS coilovers
    - R33 GTR front seats and R32 rear seats in excellent condition
    - Uprated clutch, unknown spec
    - 17" Rota grid staggered alloys with near enough brand new performance tyres fitted during my ownership

    Has some lights marks here and there and the rubber black strips have worn as has the interior dash and doorcards from Japan heat I assume, interior otherwise is very good as is the paintwork, acouple of small bubbles on rear arches but easily sorted now to avoid them becoming an issue down the line. Full photos available upon request

    Can do video walk arounds for buyers who cant view before buying and wish to have it collected by a courier

    £17,500 ono


    Collection to be completed from
    Tamworth in the Midlands UK
    Happy to arrange a courier for the buyer to deliver the car anywhere in UK at there expense
    Happy to sell overseas too
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