Skyline V33 drift build

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    Hey guys!

    First off I'm sure a lot of you have seen this build mostly on my Instagram @skyline_v33 and just wanna say thanks to the people that have been following it so far and especially to the people that have advised and helped with the build!

    So where to start, the car is a Jap import skyline r33 GtSt

    No RB in here tho! Powered by a Toyota 1uz-fe v8 with future plans for power

    Running gear is a mixture of bmw/Nissan

    So basically it is a Nissan Toyota bmw ls400 skyline r33 5 series with maybe a little bit of Ford in the future ;|

    So here she is! This is the day she arrived (massive shout out to my man Brendan Lowe for the transport) received_341442329685450.

    What looked to be a reasonably solid r33 I couldn't of been more wrong

    Started to strip her Down and the fun started a Nissan with no ROT? Yeah right

    Found the floor on the passenger side getting worse for wear and driver side had one small hole

    All seemed to good to be true... because it was

    received_341442343018782. received_341442479685435.

    Further to this once the skirts had been removed all was revealed the sills well... here was none inner outer and intermediate where f#×÷ed

    Shout out to my old man for spending all his free time welding and @Steve Richardson for the skins


    A hell of A lot of fab work cutting and welding went into replacing the sills and it's safe to say they will be there for a long time now


    Once again shout out to Steve at SR antibodies for the skins


    Full inner also replaced

    With the sills done it was the dreaded job of removing the sound deadening and my god it's the worst job ever

    received_341442349685448. received_341442346352115.

    Yes I know this isn't quite in order as you can see from the previous photos but shut up this is my story :)


    And boom as if by magic it's gone (If only it was that fast and simple) secondary brace welded in for seat mounts and a layer of red oxide protection before the final layer I went with stonchip simply because I don't plan on stripping it back anytime soon and two the stuff I have used is hopefully going to sound deaden it a little bit as a 4 litre v8 in a fully stripped car is very loud as im sure you can imagen


    Final coats on

    received_341442446352105. received_341442443018772.

    As you can see the dash support is now a functioning brace as well this is mainly being built for track use so no luxury here the dash will be made from sheet aluminium sand will house the clocks gauges and some controls and a very simple heater for delisting the screen but will cover that more when it comes to it

    Now it was time to attack the boot floor

    As said above this is mainly going to be a track car so I'm not scared of chopping her up a little or a lot the boot floor being raised is for a reason to do with cooling and exhaust plans but that will be revealed later on

    The full rear end is raised to the top of the chassis legs



    Not really much to say on this the photos are pretty explanatory



    Custom rear brace fitted (can have these made up for most cars if anyone wants one DM me)

    next on the list was getting rid of the 19s so picked up these xxr from a friend brand new still a little unsure but mehhhh the price was right

    And of course new wheels was the perfect excuse to drop her Down from the sale stands and try out her new circles


    That leads to the next one as nice as the back end looks I hate the GTR spoiler on drift cars they just don't do it for me, after going down to TMS motorsport to pick up a radiator I ended up leaving with a fiberglass flush fittinb boot lid and am now liking the idea of flush boot and a small roof spoiler


    Before she went back up on stands I decided to give the inner wings some protection sanded down then red oxide protection and stonegaurd

    Not a perfect job as it will be painted over when it's resprayed



    Once she was back in the air I gave the front end a strip Down and the same again sand Down not a perfect job as I plan on Making a removable tube front end for her over the summer


    Yeah that's not an RB but hey at least it is still Jap right? 4.0 1uz fe with plans to boost after I have the handling sorted and some seat time as this is going to be a total different car to my s14


    Believe it or not a he'll of slot of work has gone into this now I haven't covered everything as it's been a lot of welding and didn't want to bore everyone to death haha check out my Instagram if you really want to see more

    Picked up a few goodies and had to try them on

    Jun side skirts vented front wings bonnet raisers and a set of spar bucket seats
    Will be going for either a 400r or top secret front bumper I think

    received_341442489685434. received_341442493018767.

    Absolutely loving the look can't wait to get the new bumper and start getting her ready for paint and then snickering up and changing out the suspension and other bits


    Rear nudge/jacking bar also added


    And seats seam to be a nice fit need to make up the rails/mount them


    Few marks on them but once again the price was right and I'm building this car in a budget (ish) or at least that's what I tell the Mrs

    Hopefully have the underside finished off this week then I can start prep for paint and send her off for the cage

    But that's it for now
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