For Sale !SOLD! Nissan Silvia S13 SR20

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by corporalbryant, Jul 13, 2018.

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    For sale is my S13, I have had this car for around 6 Months. During this time I have only taken it to 1 drift night. The car is great to drift and is great for learning or gaining more experiance drifting. The car pulls great with no knocks or grinds from the gear box. Since I have had it ive only run it on Shell V-Power.

    The reason for selling this car is that I am going to uni in september and will not be able to afford to run it while I am there. Then engine has approx 90k miles and the shell has approx 137k miles. MOT until 16/06/2019.

    Blacktop straight cam SR20 with around 290hp (Not Dyno'd)
    Stage 1 Chip
    12 - 14psi of boost
    Turbo Timer
    Tein Coilovers on the front/eBay coilovers on the back
    Front Adjustable camber Arms
    Steering lock kit
    Driftworks Rear Camber arms
    XXR 527 17x9.75 et0 (Damage on one wheel as pictured but still holds air)
    25mm hubcentric spacers
    20mm or 25mm (Unsure which) rear overfenders
    Rocketbunny style ducktail wing
    Full decat exhaust system unsure what brand
    Front and Rear Strut braces
    Drivers Driftworks bucket seat with lowered rail
    Passenger Bride reclinable bucketseat
    Genuine OMP corsica steering wheel
    Handbrake drift button
    Knockoff Takata Harnesses
    All the rear is striped out so no backseats or carpet in the back
    Boost gauge and oil pressure gauge (Oil pressure not wired up)
    New water pump fitted
    New starter motor fitted
    Welded Diff

    I cant remember much else of the top of my head but if you want to know something ill find it out!

    Now onto the bad parts:
    Theres a bit of rust on it which is expected from a 25yr old car, there is some rust around the arches and on the sills.
    The drivers side windscreen wiper is tempermental, sometimes works sometimes doesnt, I think it is just a loose connection on the motor
    Only the passanger door speaker works but you can still hear music clearly.
    Front wheels rub on the arches on near full lock
    Front brake pads are low but I have some new ones to put on, Will be replaced before sale of car
    Paint work isnt the best
    Got an exhaust blow (Depending on how quick the sale is I may have fixed it)

    Car will come with another set of wheels for drifting (17x8 i think), an oil catch can and someother misc parts.

    I am looking to either get £4500 ono or a part exchange with money my way for a clean BMW e36 or something similar which id be able to insure.









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