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    Here for sale is my rb25 s13, had the car 4 years and only recently got it back on the road from having the rb swap done, but I just don’t use it as much as I anticipated and would rather have the money.


    • rb25det, was sold to me as a 60,000km engine and having been mapped at Hudson speed shop I was told it is a very healthy engine
    • Only used Shell 10w60
    • HKS Cambelt and tensioners
    • Oil filter relocation kit and cooler(unsure on brand)
    • Cam covers and front cover painted by Adam at retro shine
    • KU inlet manifold with larger throttle body (unsure what brand)
    • Audi coil pack conversion
    • Catch can
    • Reckoned 740cc injectors
    • Walbro fuel pump, unsure what exact pump but came out of a 600hp r32 gtr so it’s not even on its maximum
    • Speedtek manifold
    • Garrett gtx3067r turbo with hel braided lines and funk motorsport turbo jacket
    • Toyosports front mount inter cooler with short pipe work for quick response
    • Big mishimoto rad mounted further forward to enable running viscous, haven’t seen coolant temps above 80.
    • Turbo smart 45mm wastegate with screamer
    • Exhaust is a bit mix match but full straight through to shot guns
    • Competition clutch and flywheel, seen a couple hundred miles
    • Rb25 gearbox with custom gearbox mount
    • Rb - s13 prop
    • Link g4 plug in Ecu with all solenoids and sensors etc
    • Mapped by Tom Hudson at Hudson speed shop to 521hp at 1.4 bar / 478hp at 1.2 bar with switch to change between the two
    • Anti lag (bit of a gimmic just for pops and bangs really)
    • Full tablet gauge setup to show whatever readings you want
    • Conversion engine loom has been checked and routed by Tom as has the body loom which has been fully stripped of unneeded shit and tucked behind the dash


    • UK spec shell with front space frame and rear jacking bar
    • Welding has been done on the rear of one sill and on one of the front chassis legs to a good standard, slight surface rust here and there but nothing major
    • ABS delete with hard lines, braided lines to callipers all round
    • S14 brakes up front
    • Z32 brakes on rear
    • Welded s13 diff
    • HSD monopros literally seen maybe 100 road miles
    • R33 front sub frame with relocated rack
    • Cut knuckles
    • Extended LCA’s
    • GKtech rack spacers
    • Tein tie rods
    • Geomaster 2 rear hubs
    • Polybushed subframe
    • Adjustable rear lower, upper and toe arms


    • corbeau sprint bucket seat (standard passenger seat)
    • Takata harness
    • Apex cage (not fully bolted in, I lost interest and couldn’t be bothered to fully fit it, all bolts and door bars still present
    • Rear sound deadening removed and painted black, front carpet still fitted
    • Standard dash with no cracks, clocks work (rev counter has been altered for 6 cylinder, Speedo works perfectly but also has digital speedo on tablet gauge)
    • Tablet gauge fitted where radio would be, can be removed as is on heavy duty Velcro mounts
    • Genuine Nardi steering wheel with snap off boss
    • Opb hydraulic handbrake with hel braided lines
    • Battery relocated behind passenger seat with battery cut off on dash, I have got the cable for external battery cut off but never got round to fitting


    • BN front bumper (pretty fucked but still holds up)
    • Charge speed front wings i believe
    • Aero kit side skirts and rear bumper
    • DMax style rear lights
    • DMax boot lip
    • DMax roof spoiler
    • Aero kit rear overfenders +50m
    • 7twenty style 49 wheels 18x9.5 all round, not a mark on them, all with 225/40/18 tyres, nankang ns2’s up front and some shitters on the back. Have about 20 tyres to go with the car if the asking price is met
    • Paint is a rattle can job so it’s shite but it was orange underneath so anything was better than that

    Probably missed some things but all in all, the mechanical work is all done it just needs new kit and painting. Genuine reason for sale is I literally just don’t use it, probably only done maximum of 100 miles since it’s been on the road so I’d rather someone got good use out of it than it just sat on my driveway collecting dust.

    Price is £11k and considering ca s13’s with basic mods are going for 6k I’d say that’s pretty reasonable for a 500hp sbody.

    It does have MOT until may next year

    Any questions drop me a message because I literally never check on here 07896 728793

    Located in staines (near Heathrow)

    CB6B82A3-A847-448A-8897-EB971B6A204C. 9C2148B9-CF1E-4665-AD57-7913D589F3E6. 70B02114-D6AC-4A4D-9600-9749C00CFA29. 65DFF4B4-86BA-4874-8648-A85201CE8F3B. 300A23CF-971E-486F-9254-573D2F99DA44. 8D5F38AE-161D-4B4E-983C-80EE31DE03CB. 215FFB83-6FE1-460C-8CC7-EE3C17E09A77. CD05356E-0104-48B5-8A68-83B4D992C20A. 545AEAA8-B8B9-4062-B833-B0D9C3C3B2C1.
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    Open to offers
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    Free BUMP!! ive actually seen this car on road! and man it sounds sick!! GLWTS!
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    Still available
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    Would you be interested in a swap mate with a jzx100?
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    Do a deal on a manual 1j soarer?

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