Southwall Smokers/Lydden Hill 21st feb & 21st march

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    Lydden Hill Race Circuit, Wootton, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6RX | T - (01304) 830557 | F - (01304) 831715
    1 THREAD, 2 DATES 21st feb 2015 & 21st march

    sorry for the late threads, only just got my laptop back up and running this morning.

    5 groups running 10min sessions.

    20 cars per group

    Usual prices apply

    Make sure you get yourself in the right group its a growing trend people think they're better than they are, its not wise as the fact is on the day you'll look like a fool in the wrong group.
    Groups are as follows.....

    PROS..... You hold a BDC licence or similar, are pulling high speed entries in the devils elbow (3rd/4th gear) and capable of drifting the whole circuit at speed. (not suitable for low power cars)

    PROS/INTERS..... You hold a BDC licence/similar or you are a capable drifter with a lot of experience of drifting high speed tracks, pulling entries into devils elbow in at least 3rd gear and can comfortably drift chessons at a good speed. (not suitable for mx5's & other low power cars)

    INTERS.... You have experience of drifting bigger tracks and are capable of linking from the elbow to the main straight at lydden. Suitable for 2nd/3rd gear entries into the elbow. (all cars welcome)

    NOVICE/INTERS..... You have a less than 10 days skidding under your belt can link corners but don't yet enter a drift at high speed, 2nd gear clutch kicks into the elbow. (all cars welcome)

    NOVICE..... You have done a bit of skidding but are still new to it/ its your first time on a bigger track (all cars welcome)

    1- The Day is Open to all levels of driver. Please use the decription above to try and decide which group you belong in, If we get fully booked you might not have the chance to change groups.

    2-We are running the 3/4 loop circuit.

    3-Tyres Services will be on site from 9-5, For more information about tyres and if you require an odd size please contact

    4-You must hold a full UK drivers licence

    5-Passengers are allowed but need to sign in on the day @ £20 for the day

    6-Specators are £5 on the gate.

    7-Twinning and trains will be allowed on track too, but you must have permission from the other drivers.

    8-Signing in opens at 7:00am with a drivers briefing at 8:30am which you must attend. Failure to show by this time may mean you are unable to take part and in this case no refunds will be made. Please try to arrive as early as possible the circuit goes live at 9am and none likes missing there first session.

    9-Additional drivers can be added on the day at a cost of £20 and needs to be paid directly in the signing in office on the day. Additional driver will be placed into the same group so you have to share your seat time. If you wish to car share and go in seperate groups this requires a second pre-booking at £120

    10-Helmets will be required and can be hired from the circuit and arms and legs need to be cover whilst on track.

    11- Flags, Last year it was clear to see not everyone obeys the flags, this year we will be far stricter on this. If you are caught on more than 1 occasion ignoring flags you may not be allowed back out on track for the rest of the day. Safety of yourselfs and others around you is Lyddens primary concern. It is your job as drivers to look for the flags!

    To Book Call Lydden Hill Office on 01304 830557

    Refunds can be made up to 2 weeks before the event, If you cannot make the event you must call lydden and let them know, they normally allow people to swap to another date.

    You cannot sell your slot privately anymore we normally end up with a big reserve list for these dates so to make it fair you can no longer sell privately. Make sure you call Lydden as soon as you know you cant make it.

    Any Questions please ask and dont forget to add us on Facebook for videos and pictures of the events we run.

    Rules & regs to follow in the next post.
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    Lydden Hill Drift Day Rules and Regulations

    Please Read these carefully we will be being strict on these.

    1.Driver Requirements
    1.1 All drivers MUST be over 17
    1.2 All drivers MUST hold a full valid driving licence
    1.3 All medical conditions MUST be declared at the time of booking
    1.4 If you require glasses for driving they MUST be worn
    1.5 All drivers MUST attend the briefing at the start of the day
    1.6 Drivers are expected to behave in a professional manor
    1.7 Obey all decisions made by circuit staff
    1.8 Obey all the rules
    1.9 Be respectful of staff and other event participants

    2.Vehicle Requirements
    2.1 Vehicles MUST be structurally sound
    2.2 Vehicles MUST NOT have any fluids leaks of any kind
    2.3 Vehicles brakes MUST be in FULL working order
    2.4 Vehicles MUST have at least 2 working brake lights
    2.5 Batteries MUST be securely fastened down
    2.6 Towing eyes MUST be fitted both at the front and rear of the vehicle, be functional and visible
    2.7 Vehicles MUST have windows present, no window nets will be permissible
    2.8 Vehicles door handles MUST be in full working order
    2.9 Exhausts MUST be below 108db MAX
    2.10 Bumpers and sideskirts MUST be securely fastened

    3 Track layout and pit entry
    3.1 Drifting is ONLY permitted between the white lines on the outer and inner edges of the track
    3.2 No drifting or driving on the grass is permitted
    3.3 Please see attached pic of track layout for track direction and permitted drifting areas
    3.4 Returning to the pits, MUST be completed by driving up the hill around north bend and the pit entry is the left. NO DRIFTING IN THIS AREA
    3.5 Returning to the pits via the dummy grid is NOT allowed
    3.6 Drifting up the hill or around north bend is NOT allowed

    4 Flags, The Meanings and Marshalls posts
    4.1 All flags MUST be obeyed
    4.2 There are 5 marshalls posts around the circuit, they are the start line, exit of paddock bend, mid corner at chessons, on the entrance to the devils elbow, and at the cut through, please refer to the track map provided
    4.3 Red flag--- The session has been stopped for an incident. Slow down and be prepared to stop, NO drifting or overtaking and return to the start/finish line
    4.4 Waved Yellow Flag-- There is a hazard ahead, stop drifting, slow down, DO NOT overtake and be prepared to change direction or stop,
    4.5 Green Flag-- You have passed the incident or the incident has cleared you may continue drifting
    4.6 Yellow and Red Stripped Flag-- Your tyres are very low return to the pits straight away and change them, If you have a puncture you MUST leave the track immediately at the first opportunity
    4.7 Black Flag-- We have seen an issue with your driving or your vehicle return to the pits STRAIGHT AWAY and report to the clerk of the course at the dummy grid
    4.8 It is the responsibility of the drivers to look out for flags and obey them
    4.9 Failure to obey any flag will result in you being excluded from the rest of the event
    4.10 The clerk of the course's decision is final

    5. Starting Procedure
    5.1 Groups will be called to the dummy grid via the tannoy system
    5.2 Cars will then be released one at a time to the track
    5.3 On your first lap you are required to ensure you spot the postions of the marshalls posts

    6. Whilst on Track
    6.1 Arms and legs MUST be covered and stay inside the vehicle at all times
    6.2 Helmets MUST be worn and correctly fastened
    6.3 Windows are permitted to be open up to 2 inches to allow air flow inside the vehicle
    6.4 Stopping or slowing to a crawl out on track is NOT permitted other than in the event of a breakdown
    6.5 Drivers MUST maintain a consistent speed around the track when not drifting
    6.6 Drivers are expected to leave suitable stopping distance to the car in front, approx 10 car lengths is expected unless twinning with another driver (see section 7)
    6.7 Overtaking is permitted, but you MUST do so in a safe manor
    6.8 Cars MUST stay inside the white lines, dirt dropping in NOT allowed
    6.9 In the event of a breakdown put your hazards on, pull over to a safe location or return to the pits if possible
    6.10 In the event of an accident signal to a marshall that help is required otherwise please exit the car and stand in a safe area

    - - - Updated - - -

    7. Twinning
    7.1 NO twinning is permitted in the novice group
    7.2 Twinning is allowed in the intermediate and pro groups
    7.3 Drivers twinning MUST have permission from each other
    7.4 Drivers twinning are required to line up on the dummy grid together
    7.5 Both drivers twinning MUST inform the staff member they intend to do so each time the wristbands are being checked on the dummy grid before going out on track
    7.6 Twinning is done at your own risk.

    8. Pit and Paddock Areas
    8.1 A 5mph speed limit is in effect
    8.2 Only drift cars and 1 support vehicle per drift car are permitted in the lower paddock
    8.3 All other vehicles MUST be parked in the upper gravel car park
    8.4 Driving on the grass and fields is NOT permitted
    8.5 You MUST keep the pit area clean and dispose of all rubbish in the bins provided and take your tyres with you or dispose of them with the tyre man
    8.6 No drifting, burnouts or donuts are allowed in the pit and paddock area

    - - - Updated - - -

    - - - Updated - - -

    9. Passengers
    9.1 Passengers minimum age is 14
    9.2 Passengers will only be allowed to sign on once all drivers are signed on, an announcement will be made over the tannoy when we start signing on for passengers
    9.3 Swapping of wirstbands is NOT permitted
    9.4 Any driver found to be attempting to carry a passenger with a swapped band will have his/her wirstband removed and WILL BE excluded from the rest of the day.
    9.5 A maximum of 1 passenger is allowed out in a vehicle at anyone time

    These rules have been agreed by the organisers and circuit management.
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    What are a brilliant day, absolutely loved it! First time at lydden hill what a brilliant track!
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    How much is the day? Might be being stupid but I can't see one?
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    Does anyone know who the photographer that was wearing the desert camo jacket that was there Saturday is or his web page looked like he got some good shots of me but can't find him on the net ???? [emoji17]
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    Home -
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    People that have booked for march and paid via paypal can you call lydden and comfirm which group you wish to be in, not everyone has stated it on their payment,
    Thank you

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