Sparco seats Rev vs Grid vs Evo?

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    I currently have a crusty old first gen Sparco Rev seat, which is not bad at all and I fit in it reasonably well. I'm 5ft 10" 31" waist so not exactly massive.
    I had planned on getting out and trying each seat in a show room but it's hard currently.

    I initially thought of going for the latest gen Rev as it's a good price and FIA approved, however when looking the Grid and Evo also caught my eye.

    Now the Grid is quite different, and looks like it would be more comfortable but might be suited to a slightly larger person and I don't want to rattle around inside it.
    The Evo looks like a better version of the Rev, slightly wider shoulders, better grip material & cushions but it's roughly £100 per seat more and I'm struggling to understand what that really buys you.

    So, I guess, and question to the wider DW family... has anyone got experience of any or all of these and could impart some knowledge? TIA!

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