Special: Work Meister S1 3 piece. 5x114.3 18x10.5+11 & 18x9.5+37

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    These were unfortunately delivered to us from Work Japan in two slightly different shades of gold.

    We believe the fitment is perfect for a JZA80 Supra with a little rear camber and flattened lips or 350z: Again slight rear camber and rolled arches. Please check the numbers yourself before committing though.

    They are 5x114.3 Meister S1 3P Polished lips, gold bolts.
    Fronts are 18x9.5 ET+37 R disk (Work gold colour GLD)
    Rears are 18x10.5 ET+11 O disk (Work gold colour PG)



    You can see the rears are a slightly paler gold.

    Price: Normally these wheels are £2464. Special price because they are slightly different colours: £1850 +shipping. Please contact us on sales@driftworks.com or 0845 869 2555 to order as they are not listed in the shop.
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    Very nice. Colour difference isn't that bad.

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