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    Right, I'll try make this as quick /simple as I possibly can!
    Bought a hks t04z turbo kit from a friend to use for when I build an engine which can take what I throw at it; have always planned on forging the spare engine I have got but not quite to take the power I'm now looking at running.

    So the turbo is aparently rated to 720hp, but I'm looking more around the 5/550 sort of mark.

    I'm looking at a parts list and was wondering what sort of things will be restrictive at that sort of power.

    Main things I'd like to know are
    -what cc injectors?
    -will the standard fuel rail hack it?
    -inlet manifold, will I need a plenum?
    -headgasket, how thick?
    -Will an8 fuel lines on a Bosch 044 pump(from swirl pot) be enough flow?

    My list for the build so far is-
    Manley forged rods
    Cp Carrillo pistons
    Hks cams
    Arp headbolts
    Arp main studs
    ACL mains
    Genuine chain kit
    Genuine gasket set (no h/gasket)
    Genuine oil pump
    Oversized/baffled sump.

    Any info any one has I'll soak It up

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