SR20 Oil Temp & Water Temp Limits

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by EnjoiPandaCow, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Hi all,

    I am just wondering what at what temperature should the oil and water be at when idling and at what temperature are they over heating looked all around and can't find a straight answer on the internet.

    The setup I have is a standard red top SR20DET with standard fan and standard rad. No oil cooler either.
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    Water - idling around 80 deg C, overheating would be considered anything over 95-100 deg, properly dangerous at 110 deg
    Oil - idling around 85 deg C, overheating 110 deg, dangerous 120 deg and over

    If the car gets into the dangerous territory then do a compression test once the engine is warmed up to check the headgasket hasn't popped / head has warped. Also, the oil will need changing as it would have degraded badly

    If you see 110 deg constantly on your oil then consider an external oil cooler. Keeping your oil temps within good operating ranges prolongs the oils life so you save in the long run

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